Mission to Mars

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One way tickets only, please...

No matter how many times it's been portrayed,
from Buck Rogers to Star Trek, in this day
and age, a round trip flight to Mars
is just plain impractical.

The technology may advance, in 20 years or so,
to get us to the Red Planet. Getting back,
however, seems to be the sticking point,
both in terms of time and available materials.

There's no place among the rocks and craters
to stop and fill 'er up, and carrying enough fuel
to get back home just doesn't seem quite feasible,
so a few scientists have come up with what they
consider a logical solution. Make the trip one way.

Nuts, right? Who would buy into that?
Well apparently there are some people who would.
When the idea was published in the Journal of Cosmology,
emails started coming in, 500 of them to date,
from folks who like the prospect of going, and staying.

These weren't just loonies walking the streets
carrying signs that The End Is Near.
There were soldiers, students, nurses, and other
professionals volunteering to set up a colony.

The study for the mission is outlined in a book
put together by 70 scientific minds.
Their consensus seems to be it's going to happen
sooner or later, why not just do it now?

So if you're feeling the need to just get away,
all you have to do is click Send in your email program.
Be sure to put your own name on the dotted line though,
they'll probably be checking for ID.

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50 Best Racks In Sports

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Best in Sports - Round 2

Knew it was coming, right?

A little while back, a website called
The Bleacher Report, ran an article on
the 50 Best Butts In Sports,
which we commented on at the time.

Now comes the sequel,
the 50 Best Racks In Sports,
which again doesn't have a whole
lot to do with sports.

Racks, in sports, would be ski racks,
billiard racks, maybe even gun racks.
Just how did boobs get to be
called racks in the first place?

Right, you don't care, you really don't care.
We knew that.

50 Best Racks In Sports

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