How and When to Use a Rod to Discipline a Child?

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What’s the meaning of using rod to discipline a child?  Is rod really an effective tool of correcting bad behaviors?  What’s the importance and role of a rod to parents and children?

Kids are naturally hungry to please their parents; however, they are not born with the acquired ability to do things right.  This is where a rod can help discipline a child; it plays the role of teaching and shaping a kid.  It also gives wisdom and makes a child sensible.  And parents who fail to do their obligation will also suffer the consequences of their children’s misbehavior.

A passage found in the Bible about rod is in Proverbs 13:24. In a Christian way of living a rod is used to discipline and correct the children’s bad attitudes.  If children don’t experience the consequences of their wrong doing, they won’t understand that bad behaviours need hurt to correct them.

The term “rod” designates a medium-sized, thin stick to bring a reasonable amount of pain without lasting injury.  A kid rationally deserves a rod to discipline him.  On the other hand, no child is worthy of bruises, cuts, or other forms of physical and verbal abuses.  It is also believed that using hands to spank the face is not appropriate.   A hand is designed to love children through touching, embracing and caressing.

Rod is one of the best ways to discipline a child.  Your children may not be afraid of your verbal reprimands, raised voice, punishment or other forms of discipline.  But the rod has a unique feature that moves every kid to respect and obey their parents.  If children see a rod they tend to correct their behavior rather than continue with it.  A rod has many lessons both parents and children can learn from.

Rod also protects a child from further injury.  The part of the body that needs to be beaten is his buttock.
This body part has thick, fleshly mounds that don’t hurt or break the bones.  Avoid beating the other parts like the hands, head, back, legs—these are painful and dangerous.  Buttock is the safest part to beat the child.

To “spare the rod” symbolizes a father or a mother who fails to discipline a child.  Unfortunately, these are the parents who hate their kids in a different perspective.  As wise advice to parents, don’t refuse to give it to discipline a child.  They won’t die with a rod.  It is for their own good to get punished by this stick.  Children who feel sorry about their mistakes and respect higher authority will realize they’re wrong and ask forgiveness.

Part of disciplining children is helping them become accountable for their actions.  Admittedly, children have the pride that blinds them from practicing what is good.  To use a rod does not necessarily mean that parents beat down children into forceful submission.  A rod is used to discipline and at the same time to care and value their children.  It is a parenting tool to become effective parents.

Bear in mind that parents should not over use their authority and power that can inflame the child to develop anger.  Avoid venting out to your kids about your frustrations.  If there’s defiance, use a rod to discipline a child’s bad behaviour but do it with love.

When the child is being disciplined it doesn’t make him happy.  Subsequently, there are rich rewards for discipline.  The value of the rod’s correction gives direction towards developing a winning character.  A kid who is trained on discipline has all the opportunities to go places and succeed in life. Start making a worthwhile goal.  Don’t a spare a rod to discipline a child; it gives them right destiny!!!


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