Child abuse? So what?

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Pope says pedophiles are normal.

How's that for a Christmas message?
All you kiddies be good,
go to church with mom and dad,
and don't worry about the perv that groped you,
it's just normal.

In his Christmas Address to the faithful in Rome,
Pope Benedict proclaimed that pedophilia hadn't
been considered an absolute evil for some time,
and child porn was now seen as normal by society.

Are you kidding?
What an absolutely idiotic thing to say.

Church officials in the past blamed the liberalism
of the 60's for the onslaught of scandal within their ranks.
Now Benedict argues that at some point in the 70's
"pedophilia was theorised as something fully in
conformity with man and even with children".

So first it was the hippies that put children in harm's way,
then the glare of disco balls in the 70's made it epidemic.

Gimme an I, gimme a D, gimme an I O T !

Never mind... just give me a break...

News Link - Words from the PediPope

Westboro Baptist Church

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Idiot Protest Fizzles In The Rain

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church,
from an inkspot of a town in Kansas,
have made it their mission from 'God'
to travel the country and protest at funerals.

Initially it was gay funerals, because they don't like that.
Then they started showing up at military funerals,
ostensibly because of 'Don't ask, Don't tell', but
somewhere along the way the signs shifted from anti-gay,
inferring that all of our dead soldiers were going to Hell.

This weekend they protested the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards,
who was married to Senator John Edwards of North Carolina.

Her crime?

She had adopted a 'Live and let live' attitude toward gay
marriage, and the Westboro Wankers had decided,
without question, that she and her children
should burn in fire forever.

While the protesters, all five of them, three adults
and two children, who were brought along by their parents,
formed their picket line, 1200 normal folks formed a
barrier line, to keep the signs away from the service.

The Westboro believers bounce all over the place
[they're planning a protest here in Philly on December 20]
with no regard for the sentiment of the berieved,
because it's their God given right to do so.

The First Amendment also protects that right.
We call it Free Speech.
That concept was designed to go both ways though,
and we'd like to see a bit more of what is shown below.

News Link - Protest Fizzles

The exclusive 'Face' of Facebook

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Facebook allowed to trademark the word 'Face'

This is where things go a bit too far, we think,
when an entity grows to a point that it gets
too big for it's britches.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted
Facebook the right to apply for a patent
on the word 'Face', and this is after the
burgeoning social network tried to gobble
up the rights to the word 'Book'.

Facebook has already sued an outfit called Teachbook,
and forced a travel site called Placebook
to change its name to TripTrace.
A site called Lamebook, which parodies some
of the comments posted on Facebook,
has also come under the gun,
as well as another site called Faceporn.

Ok, we can see them not wanting to be associated
with porn, but where does one draw the line?
Are we all now to search for a suitable
replacement for the word Face?

Maybe something like Countenance would work...

News Link - Facebook wants to own 'Face'

Run for the border... any border

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Philly says "Never mind" to 19,400 fugitives

Not 19 bad guys, or 1900,
but 19,400
have been given a pass by the Philadelphia courts.

With a staggering backlog of 47,000 fugitive warrants
on the books, the city decided that the best way
to lighten the load, was to write nearly half of them off.

The message apparently is
"Your crime wasn't that bad",
so go have a good life.
And you victims out there, all 19,000 of you,
just deal with it, ok?

News Link - 19,400 Fugitive Warrants Cleared

Need Some Cash?

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Work for McDonald's... in Brazil

Here's the story...

A guy spends 12 years as a manager
at his local Mickey D's franchise.
As a manager, he is responsible for quality control,
and feels obligated to sample the days fare.
[key word here being 'sample']

In his 12 years there the guy gains 65 pounds,
and sues McDonald's, because it's their fault.
In addition to his 'sampling' duties,
the guy is also offered free meals.
The court finds this as another count against his employer,
and awards him $17,500 for pain and suffering.

You can sample a burger without eating the whole thing.
You can taste a french fry and know if the batch is good.
And if the sampling is so filling,
do you have to eat the free meals?

We're thinking maybe the guy just likes to eat,
but the judge didn't see it that way.

Cha ching...

News Link - They Made Me Eat Too Much

50 Best Butts In Sports

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Who gets these jobs?

While browsing through a site called The Bleacher Report,
I came across this article - The 50 Best Butts In Sports.

Now babes in bikinis don't have much to do with sports.
We all know it's a marketing tool.
If you want to blame someone, look to Sports Illustrated,
who started this trend with their Swimsuit Issue.

When browsing a sports rag, you expect to see things like
who crunched the quarterback on third and goal,
who hit a 400 ft homer,
or who sinks those 3 pointers time after time.

The big question in my mind, regarding the bikini shots,
is who is it that makes up these lists,
and how do you get on the crew for the photo shoot?

News Link - 50 Best Butts In Sports

To Boldly Go...

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Science Fiction to Science Fact

Ever notice that if you wait long enough,
things you once saw in old sci-fi flicks
are suddenly all around us?

Large flat panel screens on the
bridge of the Starship Enterprise
have become HD TV's.

Small voice communicators
that were activated with a tap
are now that Bluetooth thing in your ear.

The latest is the tractor beam.
How cool was that?
A beam of light that could latch onto
a solid object, and pull it in or drag it along.

Researchers in Australia have actually built
such a contraption, though obviously on a much
smaller scale. Still, the thing works, it's
an actual tractor beam that moves solid particles
through the air with just a beam of light.

Beam me up Scotty...
Warp speed ahead...

News Link - Working Tractor Beam

One Way - always

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Political Correctness Disrupts The View

Bill O'Reilly's comments are not always sugar coated,
and some take offense to that.
Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, in particular.

A recent conversation on the TV talk show, The View,
centered around the location of a mosque proposed to
be built near Ground Zero in New York, where the
twin towers of The World Trade Center once stood.

In some quarters, the location is considered a slap
in the face to survivors of those who died there
in the September 11 attacks, and understandably so.
To underscore this point, O'Reilly stated that
"Muslims killed us on 9/11".

Tactful, no. Accurate, yes.
He later amended his statement to "Muslim fanatics",
but not before Whoopi and Behar stormed off the stage amid
a flurry of obscenities uttered by the dainty Ms Goldberg,
and Political Correctness ruled the day once again.

Proponents of the mospue in question, declare it's not an
affront, but meant to be a center of cultural understanding,
but in this cultural divide, the rules only go one way.

To understand America, you have to live in America,
and experience daily life over time.
To understand the Muslim world, the same holds true,
but that's difficult to do, you may be surprised to find out,
because westerners cannot even visit the center of Islam,
let alone live there.

Mecca, the birthplace of Mohammed,
is off limits to those not of the Muslim faith.
The highway into the city actually contains a
bypass to usher non-believers around the holy place.
You can't even drive through to take a peek.

How's that for promoting understanding and good will?

News Link - The View
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The Emergency Bra

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Two Gas Masks For The Price Of One

Unsnap, separate cups, inhale...

That's what the promo says for
the newly available Emergency Bra.

Filters are built into the bra cups, and the claim is
that they can protect from just about anything that
could be inhaled, even radiation particles as strong
as those released at Chernobyl back in 1986.

And since a standard bra has two cups,
this one is designed to separate
in the middle, so it can be shared.

Sheer genius...

News Link - Emergency Bra

More riots - Guess where...

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The National Pastime

Baseball, hot dogs, mom's apple pie...
That's not what we're talking about.
Pick virtually any country in the Middle East,
and holding a riot seems to be the National Pastime.

American flags are burning again, this time in Afghanistan,
because of some idiot preacher in Florida who decided
he had been instructed by God to burn copies of the Koran.

Do those in the Middle East see the guy is an idiot?
Do they consider that his flock, a total of 30 like-minded
dim wits, don't constitute common behavior here in the States?

Any excuse, really, seems to set these fanatics off,
and the logic that they're the minority is growing old.
One dope, in Florida, makes a ridiculous statement,
and thousands, in dozens of countries, take to the streets.

It's not politically correct, but one can't deny the facts.
We're not like them, they're not like us,
and the Stone Age isn't quite over yet.

News Link - Afghans continue protests

You don't have to look crazy to be crazy

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Model tries to exit plane in flight

That's the report coming from a flight that was headed to JFK airport.

A former Playboy Playmate was pulled away from the emergency exit
after having what she described as a panic attack.

Although she later denied she was actually trying to get out,
the young woman did admit she's had these episodes before.

Oh yeh, and she was off her meds...

News Link - Woman tries to exit early

The trick is, remembering to take it

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Vitamin B cures memory ills

That's what new research is saying,
Vitamin B can slow or even halt
the memory thief of Alzheimer's Disease.

News Link - Vitamin B is new weapon against memory loss

The Church vs The Strippers

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Who is picketing who here?

Warsaw, Ohio.
Population 900.
Traffic lights, 1.
Churches, 4.

This bucolic little setting is the scene of a
series of protests that have been going on for years.
Seems the pastor of the New Beginnings church doesn't
like the idea of a tiny little bar called The Fox Hole
hiring strippers to entertain its customers.

For four years now, the pastor has urged his flock
to picket outside the bar's parking lot,
and take photographs of the customers going in,
as well as their cars and license plates.

While the effects have been slow in coming,
there apparently has been an effect.
Patrons are fewer, tips are down, and
the girls who grace the stage say enough is enough.

Have they stopped stripping? No.
Been reborn? Not exactly.
What they've done is set up a picket line of their own,
and on any given Sunday, as the faithful approach the church,
they are greeted by bikini clad dancers waving protest signs.

Guess fair is fair, and all that good stuff...

News Link - Strippers Protest