4 Parenting Tips: How to Overcome Blame, From Special Education Personnel

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Are you the parent of a child with autism that has been blamed for your child's behavioral difficulties? Have you been told by special education personnel that your child's learning disability, is your fault? This article will discuss a study of school psychologists about blame for children's learning difficulties. And also, give you tips, on how to overcome the blame, placed by some disability educators.

Several years ago, I heard about a study where school psychologists were asked who they blamed, when a child had learning difficulties. The basic outcome of the study showed that 100% of the psychologists that were surveyed, placed the blame on the child or the parents. Not one school psychologist blamed the school district, teacher, inappropriate curriculum, lack of resources, or inadequate instruction, for children's learning difficulties. Parents must overcome this blame, so that they can advocate for an appropriate education, for their child.

Tip 1: If a school person tells you that your child's behavior, is because of something that is going on at home, stand up to them. Tell the person that you do not believe that this is true. If your child has autism, they may have a lot of behavioral difficulties due to their disability. Most families are not perfect, but most times do not "cause" a child's behavioral difficulty; especially if the child's behavioral difficulty is at school.

Tip 2: Try and figure out what your child is telling you by their behavior; perhaps the work is too hard, they are trying to avoid the work etc. Try and figure out the ABC's of Behavior; A stands for antecedent (what was happening before the behavior), B stands for Behavior (what was the specific behavior), and C stands for the Consequence (what did the child get out of the behavior). By focusing on the behavior, and not the blame you will help your child. 

Tip 3: If your child is struggling with academics due to a learning disability; make sure that they are receiving research based instruction, which is required by No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Children with learning disabilities need a reading program with five principles: Simultaneous multi sensory, systematic and cumulative, direct interaction, diagnostic teaching, and analytic instruction. Check out www.ortongillingham.com for more information.

Tip 4: Tell the special education person, that your child has the right to a free appropriate public education, and you will be holding them accountable for that. Be honest, and bring up any school related reasons that you believe your child is having academic difficulty. Many schools continue using outdated curriculums that do not work.

You can overcome the blame that some disability educators try and place on your or your child. Continue to focus on your child, and their needs, and this will help you overcome the blame. Your child is depending on you!

Tips for Getting a Well-Rounded Education for your Child

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One of the best ways that you can help your child succeed academically is by helping them to get a well-rounded education. While some education takes place inside the classroom, the home can also be a good learning environment and there are things that you can do to help encourage your child to get a solid education and begin a life-long learning process.
  • From an early age, read to your children. When they are old enough to read, encourage them to spend their time with books and explore the different genres of books that are available. Reading has many benefits for children that are just now being studied. One of the biggest advantages that people who have been avid readers since childhood have is that they have an expanded vocabulary. If you want to help your child prepare for a college education, having a good vocabulary is very important to simply get into college. As an adult in the workforce, being able to clearly articulate your ideas, feelings, and concerns is also a huge strength.
  • Encourage your child's area of interest, and help guide them towards other areas of interest. If your child is interested in dinosaurs, help them learn all that they can about them and suggest related subjects, such as fossils, geology, or biology and help them learn all that they can about these areas of interest. Intellectual curiosity is very important to succeeding in higher eduation and later in the workforce.
  • Help your child find a hobby that they can do in their spare time. Many children enjoy music lessons, sports, or even baseball card collecting. Developing personal interests and hobbies is an important part of developing as a well-rounded and educated person.
  • Become aware of what your child is learning in the classroom, and stay involved with his or her class work and class projects. Attend parent/teacher conferences and work with your child on his or her homework. If you dislike having your child in a public school, consider looking into private schools, or find a Park City Montessori school. No matter what type of classroom environment, stay involved and supportive.
  • Encourage your child to interact socially with other children that have similar interests. This might involve signing him up for Boy Scouts or her up for a softball team. Other clubs such as Girl Scouts, 4H, and many other different clubs can also be a great resource for getting your child involved.

Personal Financial Education Tips for Parents

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A personal financial education and helping develop skills in money management for college students will help students avoid many of the problems their peers will face. Consider these statistics. According to the Center for Economic and Entrepreneurial Literacy "81 percent grossly underestimated the amount of time it would take to pay off a credit card balance making only the minimum payments". What's more, 54 percent reported having overdrawn their bank account.

Below are four ways we can take the first steps to providing our children a personal financial education and provide skills in money management for college students.

Mindset. With all the negative news out today one of the most important things we can provide our kids is help developing the right financial mindset. There is a variety of money management for college student's courses available that miss this important element of providing our children a practical financial education.
Since most school's and courses dont teach 'mindset' - it's left up to parents to ensure their children are protected. One of the ways that young adults can build their financial futures is to eliminate all negative thoughts on money. It's important to share with our children that the majority of wealthy people started with nothing and built up thanks to real world personal financial literacy training. Understanding and providing our kids with the right mindset is the first step in a practical financial education course.

Two important questions that we can ask our kids so their mindset is focused on their financial future include:
- Describe the lifestyle you want to live? - What is the investment associated with that lifestyle choice?
Start Building Credit Early. One of the simplest personal financial education lessons we can teach is showing our kids how to build their credit. Classes on money management for college students are great however it is important our kids know about credit long before school.

On an averaged priced car having good credit, as opposed to bad credit, can save you over ten thousand dollars. It is important that personal financial education courses show our kids how to build their credit while they are young.

Once your child has money saved, a working budget and can control their spending they can get a secured credit card. Student credit cards, when used properly, can be a tool to help build their credit. They can start to purchase inexpensive items and pay off in full each month. That shows creditors that you're mature enough to handle the responsibility of credit, and you make your payments.

Finding a Cause. No personal financial education program and courses on money management for college students is complete without lessons on giving back. By doing something that creates a positive change in the world and motivates our kids to succeed in all areas of their life. So not only does doing the right thing help others, eventually it helps the Good Samaritans too.

Set up the proper accounts. Another important element of personal financial education courses and classes on money management for college students is having the right account set up. Each student should set up their checking account, savings account, IRAs, and brokerage account immediately.

All these accounts can be set up to work automatically. So when bills are paid automatically, money is saved & invested for you automatically. This helps you keep a consistent investment plan in place and hopefully will help you achieve long-term financial security.

By providing your kids a personal financial education they will have the skills to make the most of their life. Help them a get a head start to achieving financial freedom and eliminate their money worries forever.

Repair DLL Not Found Errors for Free

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Information that is helpful to computer users who are trying to troubleshoot Dll system errors. You can fix missing or corrupt dll file error messages by downloading dll files for free.

Monitor What Your Child is Watching on TV

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In the beginning, there was Howdy Doody and Bozo the Clown. Now, there is Big Bird, Nick, Disney, and Dora the Explorer, just to name a few. Doctors advocate "media literacy" Daniel McGinn, suggest making wise TV choices. That brings us to tip #68.

Tip Monitor What Your Child is Watching on TV.

Some tips from the article, Guilt Free TV":

1. Set limits: Kid under 2 should be discouraged from watching TV. Older children should be rationed to 2 hours of daily TV, computer, and videogames.

2. Pull up a chair: Co-view with kids. Make sure the show is appropriate and encourage interaction with good messages. Talk about the show when it is over.

3. No TV in bedrooms: This leads to unsupervised viewing and a potential for overdose.

4. Use TV-book synergy: Kids programming from "Arthur" to "The Book of Pooh" often comes from books. After watching the show, read the book.

5. Focus, Focus, Focus: Observe children's behavior while watching TV. Their recall is amazing.

Summer Learning Loss: The Problem and Some Solutions

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Three remedies for summer learning loss

Three approaches to preventing summer learning loss are offered most often: extending the school year, providing summer school, and modifying the school calendar.
Extended School Year. Most of the arguments offered in support of an extended school year invoke international comparisons showing that the number of days American students spend in school lags behind most other industrialized nations. For example, the NCETL (1993) reported that most students in the United States spend between 175 and 180 days in school each year, while students in Japan spend 240 days in school.
Arguments against extending the school year generally question whether more time in school automatically translates into more time on task. For example, the National Education Association (1987) questioned whether additional time in school might simply lead to additional fatigue for students. Many argue that unless additional time is accompanied by changes in teaching strategy and curricula, the added time may be frittered away (Karweit, 1985). Related to this argument is the notion that adding, for example, 5 or 6 days to a school year represents only a 3% increase in school time. Hazleton and colleagues (1992), based on work by Karweit (1984), suggested that 35 extra days would be needed to produce a noticeable change in student achievement. Thus, given other options for spending education dollars, opponents ask whether money might not more effectively be spent on improving the quality of instruction or reducing class size.
Summer School. Summer learning loss also can be used to argue for increasing students' access to summer school. A research synthesis reported by Cooper et al. (2000) used both meta-analytic and narrative procedures to integrate the results of 93 evaluations of summer school. Results revealed that summer programs focusing on remedial, accelerated, or enriched learning had a positive impact on the knowledge and skills of participants. Although all students benefited from summer school, students from middle-class homes showed larger positive effects than students from disadvantaged homes. Remedial programs had larger effects when the program was relatively small and when instruction was individualized. As would be expected from the summer learning loss literature, remedial programs may have more positive effects on math than on reading. Requiring parent involvement also appeared related to more effective programs. Students at all grade levels benefited from remedial summer school, but students in the earliest grades and in secondary school may benefit most.
Modified Calendars. Finally, summer learning loss also could be used to argue for modifying the school calendar to do away with the long summer break. Many proponents of school calendar change call for modified arrangements in which children might or might not attend school for more days, but the long summer vacation is replaced by shorter cycles of attendance breaks.
A meta-analysis by Cooper et al. (in press) focused on studies of school districts that modified their calendars but did not increase the length of their school year. The most important finding of the synthesis was that the quality of evidence available on modified school calendars made it difficult to draw any reliable conclusions. Moreover, the evidence from the meta-analysis revealed ambiguous results. First, 62% of 58 districts reported that students in the modified calendar program outperformed students in the traditional calendar program. Second, the effect for 39 school districts favored modified calendars, but the size of the impact, though significant, was quite small. There was stronger evidence that (1) modified calendar programs do improve achievement for economically disadvantaged or poor-achieving students; (2) programs implemented more recently may be showing improved results; and (3) the students, parents, and staffs who participate in modified calendar programs are overwhelmingly positive about the experience. There are also specific actions that policy makers can take to improve community acceptance of modified calendars, such as involving the community in planning the program and providing high-quality intersession activities.

Offer a foundation of the math for the children

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Math can be very difficult for some types of student ability. Many of these children get the help they need and math will quickly become frustrating and unpleasant subject for them. It is recommended to introduce mathematics at an early stage and a practical approach to the development of a child by parents and educators. Children should start learning and practicing mathematics subject in kindergarten and first three or more years of their academic careers. 

Parents must be willing to provide assistance if they needed in math help problems. To find ways to help children with math can be a daunting task. But help for math success is easy to understand by the children, learn how different kids and lesson plans that adapt to the new lesson in the form of significant benefit. Modern educators understand that children learn differently depend on the children ability in learning process, and also learning that are not associated with intelligence. Very simply there is no better way to learn math concepts to a class full of students in their ability of learning process. Individual is approach to each child's progress to ensure that important way to understand. But educators often do not have time to prepare an adaptive curriculum for each student depends on the learning process. 

This is the reason that most students need math help in class. New classes in kindergarten through third grade with the old concept that was introduced fully understood in math by count some subject. Many learning difficulties can be traced to a single concept or lesson that is not obvious to a new concept. Given the support that children need their parents to help math needed a way to track and monitor the developments on offer. This is often the most difficult way to find students with math help. Some computer games are an effective tool in this area to understand the concept of math. Children can develop by playing online with the math curriculum to fit the meaning to practice with a game. 

This gradual introduction of game concepts and develop probability help children's learning at a time. Report regularly to parents and educators to show that the resulting child in develop process. If a child has problems with her parents a lesson that some educators may use different strategies to ensure that the concept is fully understood by the student teaching for justice. It is important to study the exact delay for the child. There is another advantage of math games on your computer to help children ability. Children tend to enjoy it regularly especially when they are playing games that are colorful and fun. Computer games also provide a very different kind of feedback workbooks or other tools in the classroom and regular review of old concepts that’s very helping for the children to the introduction of new learning. They offer a solid mathematical foundation that enables the fastest possible delay testing for all types of learner process.

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Order to more efficiently navigator of the data collection and analysis for dissertation

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Students need more help after the thesis defense proposal has been approved previously. He classified the manner in which the proposal is a major scientific challenge, according to the proposal. If you want to perform for the first time in a large research staff, it is a rite of passage. This is when your thesis methodology has been tested and work together to ensure that your work is the last defense. In order to more efficiently navigate the waters of the data collection and analysis, this article describes the five steps are recommended for all student teachers. You can begin to understand the expectations of your doctoral committee, if you are armed with questions about the collection and analysis of data in the final defense. Maybe your tutor or consultant is to ask a few questions for you, but you can’t expect. They encourage you to work efficiently and quickly. 

It is very important that your dissertation proposals, what if you do it. This should include the date, time passed, the activities and results. This is part of the rigor of scientific research shows that the protocol to prove, and since you will be asked to write the data collection process. Note this becomes an easy task. The more you write data to collect and evaluate the explanation, the less likely that the severity of the committee will question you. Ask for permission first, but it works for members of your Committee the final summary of data collection and analysis, before writing about it. This will save you many hours of time, because it gives them to ask if you follow the logic, or to discuss possible analysis. Data collection and analysis work for me, and I think it is a rite of passage for everyone. This is the time when you have your own ideas in light of the scientific peer review. It is always easier the first idea to the test, feedback, get back, and using data to improve results and repeat the test instead of writing it, to shoot only when you return from a peer-reviewed. Initial data collection and analysis to many difficulties. 

On the other hand, custom dissertation writing can help when is a busy time, and may never meet the excitement and fun in the daily analysis of large amounts of data and experience to distinguish the results of what you have learned. How many people in the same event, a different story about what would happens, many scientists are looking for the same data, found the importance of further analyze. For this reason, data collection and analysis should not be a very lonely job. Brainstorm what you do and what you want with as many people as possible. Hopefully one of them will be your mentor and adviser. As an experienced researcher who does not understand something, suggests that this is not the time to shake your head and agree.

The Importance of a Degree in Management

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The ever changing world has made it possible for everyone to develop new and specific activities to enhance their livelihood. But there is always a system that is responsible for this and it is provided by the government. The government alone is a system of its own and to make sure that the needs and demands of the society is well met they need to create organs and bodies that will make sure all is under control and taken care of effectively. But this is a challenging task to accomplish considering the aforementioned fact that people are ever-developing and adapting to different needs. Fresh ideas and a different approach to the solvency are needed. If you are a holder of master in public administration then you will be happy to know that your degree in highly needed in many place concerning decision making and formulating policies that concern the greater good.

But this need is not the only one needed. A holder of a masters degree in management is also highly required as they are needed to fill in positions where organs, companies, businesses and organizations are there. A fully secure management system is imminent these days considering the rise of threat that is found every day. A company can’t afford to deal with this alone hence someone like you will be thoroughly appreciated whereas your work will go a long way. The importance of a holder of master’s degree in management has also increased due to the need of companies to compete in the international world constantly. If back then one can operate in domestic fields, now competitors come from all over the world hence the need of more technology and decision making to make effective use of the devices they have. Competition of the international world is at its best and highest.

Now that you know what lies ahead of you with these degrees it is always best to make sure that you are well informed before deciding to turn it down or going for it. A degree will determine a lot of what you do in the professional field. The team will be there to assist you through should you have questions that concern further details or even registration. A suggestion will always be of great help, so don’t hesitate to give them a call or arrange a meeting and get to know them better. Start right away!

An Online Essay Writing Provider

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If you are just like many students having lack ability to write essay yourself, then switching to getting your essay done could be a smart choice. This alternative takes you to turn on your personal computer and then connect to the internet as a range of online writing service providers are ready to give help in making essay. Anytime you decide to work with the professional to write essay, several things you must pay attention to. First, an online writing service must give example by which you can value whether or not the content is qualified. Second, a writing service certainly lets you get customized essay; it means all your demands are fulfilled. Third, it is important to think of pricing policy of a writing service provider; is the price offer is cheap or not? You must not overpay as there will be many choices of online writing service providers to work with for essay.

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Textbook improve the ability for the student learning process

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Book is the most important thing for students. Students need some textbook for support the learning process. Book is helping students to improve the project more understand. Teacher is not enough without textbook. Students need some textbook for improve the information all about the subject that’s they choose. Student can buy the textbook from their teacher itself or from the bookstore. The always improve all the ability in their subject to get better range in the class. 

Student usually used the book accompany the subject that teacher learning. They buy textbook related the subject that’s choosing by the students. That’s support the ability of student that wants to study hard. Textbook is very important thing that support the ability of the student in learning process. Student can find the good book from the library and the bookstore. Recently, there is bookstore online that support the student wants. Bookstore online Sell Books that’s student needed. The bookstore online is available in all site in the internet. We can access the site by using internet connectivity. Student usually find some textbook online if they don’t move to go to the bookstore. 

The others reason, student look the book prices before they buy in bookstore by access to the internet connectivity. For the college there is still need some textbook for support the information subject. The others they find text book for finished their thesis. There is some colleges that sell college textbooks for cash. They offer some textbook that support the subject by cash. Students of the colleges usually buy textbooks for improve the information that’s support their subject that they choose. The other student like go to the library just to borrow some textbooks for their homework. They don’t buy textbook for them. They just borrow to the library to improve the abilities.

Public of administration careers is help the government to develop process

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Administration for the office helps the office to arrange the data office. Some of the women usually likes take offer a project of the administration. They want to be masters in public administration. Public administration is help the government that’s the government is not enough to do their own public sector. Government can’t handle in finance of public sector activities; it must be help by the private sector and the others community that’s organizing the public sector. 

Some of educations are take offer the masters in public administration courses that can help the government to handle the public sectors. That’s the right choice to get effectiveness, empowerment, and efficiency of the community that’s organizing the public sectors. Government has role to organizing the activities for the public sector activity that’s happen in their country itself. Public institution is helping the government to develop their country for the development process. Many of people want to gets career in public administration. 

They want to be masters in public administration careers that helped the government to develop process. Public sector usually handle by government bureaucracy that’s usually badly of the concept that’s has bad service to the people. The private public sector usually help to decrease the power of the government bureaucracy that’s has minimize of handling. Institutional factors manage and support the infrastructure of the public sectors. Government usually has minimum of resolve to protect the public sectors. They are still not solid in government bureaucracy and sometimes still not effectiveness for the public service. For the effectiveness of the public service there is a master of public administration that can help the government in public area. It is possible way to support the government performance that’s in service public area. Public administration careers are helping the process of develop the country process.

The Cheapest Essay Writing Service and Its Benefits for You

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Temp Agencies To The Rescue

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It can be difficult to find a job in today’s job environment but that does not necessarily mean that you are completely out of options when you find yourself in need of work. In fact, there are many jobs Bay Area companies are offering but in most cases, the competition is going to be very tight. That is why it might be necessary for you to do a little bit of thinking on your feet and perhaps to take some steps that are going to help to ensure that you will be able to land the job, if possible. What are some of those options?

One thing that you may want to consider is signing up for one of the temp agencies Bay Area companies, as they may be able to help to give you the advantage that you need. One of the ways in which they do so is by allowing you to get your foot in the door and to demonstrate to the company firsthand that you are able to take care of what they need. In some cases, temporary jobs are going to turn into full-time employment directly with the company, so it’s an option that you should not overlook. You may also want to consider using one of the recruiters San Francisco offers, as they can assist in placing you in some very specific jobs. Although there are not going to be recruiters available for every type of employment, it is a rather common way for you to find work if you are commissioned based.

Ipads and Apps: Best iPads Apps for Toddlers

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iPads & apps for toddlers
Some children start using and playing apps earlier compared to others, because of that need, iPad apps have a variety of choices your toddlers can select from. The educational benefit of iPad apps is that they can grow with the kids.  Try to read books from iPad with your kids today and two years later, they will be the ones reading for you.

Do you have older children? You can check out the following favorite iPad apps of preschool children.

1.  Monkey Pre-schooler Lunchbox 

They are very cool.  A happy, playful monkey will cheer you up while you’re counting fruit, match cards, and put together the puzzles. You will have a reward—stickers and a happily dancing monkey, definitely.  This iPad app is very addictive.  Some screens may need the assistance of a mom or a dad to help their toddler.

2. DR. Seuss’s ABC

Toddlers may begin early to learn the ABC alphabet.  It is not easy to choose which books of DR. Seuss to purchase first, so you can begin it easy with the iPad apps.  Next, you can add probably “The Cat in the Hat.” It’s all fun clicking an object on the screen then the word appears on it.  Joined by a narrator, you will be told what it is.  This app is great for a toddler’s early reading experience.

3. Fish School HD

This latest educational iPad app is a disguising fun technique of a fish tank.  It’s brought to you by the developer Duck Duck Moose.  You can see how colourful fish will turn into numbers, letters, and shapes.  The monitor for play time is the recess of the child during his learning time.  It starts with the screen singing the alphabet while fish arrange themselves to form the alphabet letters.

4. Letters A to Z

This is a quiet and simple sequence of alphabet letters.  Suitable for toddlers as well as for parents who are pissed off with loud and violent games.  With the first glance, it seems you are to catch the letter on cards so you need to touch the images and the letters. You will hear audios reading the letters for you while the images have a little animation. This iPad app is recommended for children who are new to iPad and not yet hooked to technology.

5. Clickysticky

This app is a sticker book to your iPad along with the 4 assorted scenes to select from. This allows your kids to have creative imaginations, adventures to outer space, deep under the sea, and play with helicopters and jets.  One of the most-liked features of this is the fact that the noisy objects come from the elephant’s trumpet to silly aliens. Whhee!!!

6. Trucks: Storyboy’s iPad app edition 

This app is very attractive. You may want to keep it on your list since it’s not fast to look for apps with great masculinity in them—even if little girls love trucks also.  The app does show you an image of a truck and tell its name.  The price is reasonable and you can add it to your apps collections.  It won’t make you feel bad to delete it when your toddlers have outgrown it.

iPads and apps have the ability to make applications ideal tools for learning. Well-designed educational apps can always combine videos, texts, audios to generate something great regardless of the age of the children.


Ipads and Apps: Best iPads Apps for Toddlers  is a blog post on  Modern Parenting Tips: Styles & Approach to Train & Discipline Children

Stages in Growing Up: From 6 years old to 12 (part 2)

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Stages in growing up
The stages in growing up (from six to 12) are usually on the move, going, doing, trying, and seeing different things.  Perhaps they are described as restless.  Because they love being active, they easily miscalculate how dangerous their exploits can be.  They become overconfident and, lacking judgement, have accidents.

Nervous reactions such as nail biting, twitches or tics, or finger drumming may suddenly appear.  They are usually caused by anxiety and can fade as swiftly as they appear.  Parents and teachers can help reduce anxiety by having realistic expectations and goals.  Children need adults to praise their efforts, regardless of the outcome.  In other words, the effort, as well as the achievement, needs recognition.  The environment thus created is one in which young people are willing to take risks as they try to find out who they are for these stages in growing up.

Children between six to twelve are eager to learn and are interested in a wide variety of things.  Generally, they can speak better than they can write, and they like hearing themselves talk.  They delight in repeating a story that has gory or scary details.  They willfully dominate conversations and may need some help in learning to share the spotlight.

The stages in growing up (from six to 12) have a strong desire for peer acceptance.  They might participate in sports or join clubs devoted to some special interest and thus begin forming a peer-group identity.  They usually like the stability of having a best friend of the same sex.  Together, they share secrets, interests, and enemies. They attack their enemies, verbally or physically, without realizing how devastating their words or actions might be.  Parents must maintain a delicate balance between interceding and letting the young people work out conflicts on their own.

As children identify themselves with peers, they want to dress like other members of the group and they sometimes go along with collective decisions, even when they know their parents would disapprove.  To pre-adolescents, the admiration and respect of their peers are more important than how their parents or teachers regard their behavior.  They might show off, boast, act silly, or even break the law to gain peer approval.  They seem to enjoy the shock value of using swears words, belching, and passing gas; and they roar with laughter over their blatant obnoxiousness. The stages in growing up (from six to 12) are well aware of what is acceptable and unacceptable and seem to love defying family standards.

On the other hand, pre-adolescents fear rejection by their parents as well as rejection by their friends.  This puts parents in a difficult position—they have the responsibility of keeping their children safe, of enforcing family rules, and of maintaining family values without seeming to reject or belittle the children.  During these stages in growing up it is imperative that parents maintain an atmosphere in which the children feel free to discuss their feelings. Their complaints, even when seemingly unjust or ridiculous, should be discussed, not dismissed.

If pre-adolescents are frequently made to feel ashamed of themselves, they may threaten to behave in self-destructive ways.  Threats of leaving home or harming themselves are too serious to be taken lightly.  When a youngster feels there is no hope, he or she needs professional help.  Family therapy can help the child and parents become more effective with each other.

As children pass through these stages in growing up, parents need to continually believe that there will be a positive outcome.  The hope-filled attitude will encourage everyone involved.  Undoubtedly there isn’t a more challenging job than being a parent; at the same time, there isn’t a job with more potential satisfaction and joy.


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Stages in Growing Up: From Six to Twelve Years Old

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stages in growing up: 6 to 12 years old
During these stages in growing up, children may occasionally demonstrate regression behavior, such as clinging to a parent, demanding special attention, or throwing temper tantrums.  Children of this age are very anxious for peer acceptance and, as a result, try to control their immature behavior at school and in social settings.  As a result, parents and siblings are the targets of their frustration and anger.  These children are no longer predominantly influenced by their families; now teachers and peers play a significant role in their lives.  The social and academic aspects of school also influence a child’s development.

 Children at these stages in growing up, begin to learn about the test abstract ideas, such as being fair or being honest.  At first, they will often expect other people to adhere to such principles, while they bend rules to accommodate themselves.  For example, they might loudly criticize someone caught lying and then, a few minutes later, tell a lie themselves.  This testing of principles helps children learn about acceptable behavior and personal responsibilities.

A child’s fear of failure, at home or at school, can lead to an intense feeling of inferiority and can endanger his or her emotional health.  To avoid this, children must be made to feel accepted and loved by their parents, and the parents should refrain from constant criticism.  Under these circumstances, even when failures do occur, the children can keep their fragile, emerging self-concept from becoming negative or defeatist.

Children in these stages in growing up are often described as argumentative, rebellious, oppositional, irritable with their parents—and affectionate and appreciative.  Their sudden mood swings are not easy for parents to handle and it is a major challenge to remain calm, understand what is happening, and try to deal with it constructively.  Pre-adolescents generally respond well to negotiating as a means of resolving conflict.  Parents who react to misbehavior by letting their children see the logical consequences of their actions help them discover what is fair and why.


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iPad Apps for Kids: 5 Most Educational iPad Apps

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5 Most Educational iPad Apps for Kids  
The iPad apps for kids are used almost in everything--from watching television to online shopping for house insurance.  Children, including the adults, always find this tablet pretty amazing.  There are a number of iPad apps that are released. They make the iPad gadget one of the best educational devices designed for children’s learning and entertainment.  How can iPad educational apps help your kids? It helps kids to: learn problems on Mathematics, learn letters of the alphabet, learn things on history.  

Learn much more!!The iPad library app is an enormous application to assist kids to pick up a variety of things to learn. It does not matter whether they’re just starting to learn the letters of the alphabet or solving problems in multiplication, there are 5 most wanted iPad apps to share with your little kids:
    1   MathBoard. MathBoard iPad apps help children to develop and improve their skills in Math.  Kids can work through many solving problems varying from easy to difficult levels.  The levels are adjustable so you can customize it based on the ability level of the child. Kids will learn from their mistakes because MathBoard allows children to double check their answers. It has so far the coolest feature imitating what the real life is. The interface of MathBoard is a chalkboard.  Hence, kids can use the iPad as they would on a notebook, paper, or board.  Children will learn the power of iPad as well as the opportunity to hone their Math skills.

    2.   Math Bingo. Math Bingo is another app for Mathematics.  It brings more fun than MathBoard. Math Bingo is a game that’s so entertaining.  At the same time it encourages kids to learn more of Math basic.  It makes players to solve problems on Math to earn bingo bugs.  The bingo bugs are put on the board connecting 5 in one row.  It features games of different types where a kid can use addition, subtraction multiplication, and division.  Other functions serve as back up for many players and scoreboards.  Math Bingo is a game that gives attraction to children and makes them feel not leaving the iPad.

    3.   Oregon Trail.  Classic Oregon Trail game was previously played in basic computer.  Now, the apps have been upgraded and re-envisioned for use in iPad.  Similar to the original version, Oregon Trail makes the success of the user reliant to their own abilities to make smart decisions.  This helps kids in developing mechanisms and weighing consequences.  It provides historical perspective while playing.  It also teaches about early America.  Oregon Trail must be considered by parents to expose their children to both entertainment and learning.   

    4.   ABC Animals.  This app is geared towards basic learning.  There are flashcard where animals’ pictures guide the kids in their learning.  By giving animals their names and by focusing on the letter, kids will improve their phonics.  Children can write them on the flashcards.   The app is very basic therefore this is not applicable to older kids.  ABC Animals will help children learn the basic alphabet.   

    5.   Learn Sight Words.  This app is a Dolch-based word list.  In 1936, it was developed by Dr. Edward Dolch.  The list consists of common and simple words that kids can recognize fast.  Recognizing these sight words encourage them to do practice reading.  The reading keeps them mentally alert.  Learn Sight Words make use of attractive and colorful interface for children to independently use the app.  The purpose is for them to understand and learn new sight words from time to time while using the app.

    The amazing power of iPad apps for kids is unlimited.  By installing these apps and seeking more apps, parents have all the opportunities to stretch out that power.  Consequently, children will learn much while they are being entertained.  With today’s advanced technology there are and will always be lots of apps and tools to emerge.   The iPad tablet is a virtual school classroom for kids experience advanced learning.


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    Stages in Growing Up: From Birth to 18 Months

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    Stages in Growing up: from birth to 18 months.
    During the early stages in growing up (from birth to 18 months) babies learn to trust their environment and their caretakers when their needs are consistently met.  Babies cry to signal hunger, pain, or discomfort, or when they are overly tired.  When adults meet their needs with attention and affection, babies begin to feel safe in their world.

    Babies need the stimulation of movies, music, picture books, colorful objects, simple toys, and a lot of chatters.  But don’t overdo it; they need quiet time, too.  The early months of life are a period of great discovery as babies find their hands, their feet, and other parts of their bodies.  As the stages in growing up continue,  babies experiment with their own sounds and try to imitate the sounds they hear. Eventually, they can imitate the words of others.

    Some of the physical milestones of development are sitting, standing, crawling, walking, and throwing things down. As babies begin to move around and discover things to play with, parents are tempted to show them how things work.  Resisting the impulse to teach, allowing children to discover as much as possible on their own is important for their growth and self-esteem.

    During these stages in growing up, daily routines provide many opportunities for children to take charge of themselves.  Usually before their first birthday children will be able to feed themselves.  When this happens, parents should present healthy food choices and let the children select what to put into their mouths.

    During the first 18 months, it is especially important that children receive encouragement from their parents during these stages in growing up.  They need to feel wanted, appreciated, and loved.  This period of a child’s life is critical in forming a positive foundation for the future. 


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    Stages in Growing up: 18 months to Two Years Old

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    18 months to 2 years old
    Children of these stages in growing up (18 months to two years old) are full of energy.  They love to explore and to manipulate objects, and they can entertain themselves for short periods.  As their major muscles develop, their walking skills increase.  Parents should be patient and offer encouragement as they begin to develop bladder control and, later, control their bowels.

     Children of these stages in growing up begin to learn what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour as they test limits.  Constant adult supervision is still necessary, because toddlers cannot determine what behaviour is safe and what is potentially dangerous.  Small children respond well to known routines.  Something as minor as a sandwich that is cut in a new way can cause distress. 

    They like being with other children although they usually play near or with a parent.  The children watch each other and often imitate each other, but without interacting.  Many toddlers have trouble making choices.  They are demanding, often inflexible, and constantly in motion.

    Toddlers quickly learn to manipulate their parents through tears and tantrums.  Small children are more likely to become upset when they are tired, hungry, or rushed.  Often tantrums can be avoided when parents carefully plan routine and are clear about what is acceptable behaviour.   

    When parents are overly controlling or critical, however, children can become filled with self-doubt.  Although children of these stages in growing up (18 months to two years old) can be trying, they can also be loving companions—and fun to be with.


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    Three-year-olds: Stages in Growing Up (12 Tips)

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    Stages in growing up.
      1.   Three-year-olds begin to show both mental and physical independence.  They are proud of their accomplishments and delight in demonstrating them.  These stages in growing up will help develop their coordination for them to be able to ride on toy cars.  

      2.   They can entertain themselves by making simple  drawings or playing with blocks.  Their communication skills are developed enough for them to tell simple stories or repeat nursery rhymes.  Stages in growing up help the three-year-olds to be independent enough to do many care-taking activities, such as using the bathroom.  

    3.   With a little assistance, three-year-olds can dress themselves (although they may have problems with buttons) and they have an easy time getting undressed on their own.

    4.   At about three and a half, children may become awkward and, on occasion, stumble and fall.  They might develop stuttering or nervous habits, which could be caused by stress or insecurity.  Parents should not panic, but try to find the cause of the stress and eliminate it if possible.

    5.   Children of these stages in growing up have fewer temper tantrums because they can do so many things for themselves.  Unlike younger children, who use “no” with great frequency, three-year-olds use “yes.” They have more patience about having to “wait a few minutes.” 

    6.   While toddlers have troubles adapting to sudden changes in plans, three-year-olds like new experiences and are usually willing to try most of the things parents suggest.  They are increasingly more social with adults, they learn to share, and they begin to show real, and they love participating in long sessions of acted-out make-believe.

    7.   These stages in growing up help kids express emotional insecurity by crying and whining, and frequently they want parents to reassure them of their love.  Three-year-olds seek this assurance through a paradoxical approach, vehemently saying, “You don’t love me.”  

    8.   By three and a half, many children are jealous of anyone or anything that takes away the attention of their parents or friends.  Three-years-olds often say they want to be just like their parents.  They express love through their words and their actions. 

    9.   At these stages in growing up, children might inform everyone that they are going to grow up and marry their parent of the opposite sex.  They need to be told that their plan is impossible, but reassure them that they will have their own especial person when they grow up.

    10.   Parents can expect their children to inundate them with questions during this period.  Children like to give their own answers and then hear what the adult has to say.

    11.   A movie, a television show, or something the child hears might cause fears that become greatly inflated at bedtime; the three-year-olds literally believe that the monsters are out to get him or her, and demand help.  When this occurs, it is imperative that the parents become understanding and comforting to the child.

    12.   It is important that a child of this age learn self-control, how to behave in the company of others, and how to communicate frustrations through words instead of tears and tantrums.  Parents need to be patient and set limits.  The stages in growing up of three-year-olds need to know that their parents have confidence in them, as well as love them.


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    8 Alarming Signs for Parents: Molester’s Pattern on Child Abuse

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    Molester on child abuse
    An abuser or molester is expected to be very witty not to utilize force to his potential victims.  Instead, he might choose to entice a kid little by little.  Child molesters are excellent in disguising themselves. For concerned parents, it’s difficult to pin point adults who may pose a danger to your kid.  So here’s the molester’s pattern on child abuse, and every parent should be cautious about these:

    1.  A molester starts off by choosing his target, mostly a kid who looks vulnerable and believing.  Therefore, the child is easy to manage. 

    2.  Next, he starts showing the child a special time and attention. He also can win the child’s parents and their trust.  Molesters are usually trained to honestly be interested in the child as well as the family.

    3.  Over time, the molester begins planning the child for abuse.  Gradually, he becomes more physically attached to the child: he displays innocent-looking affection, tickling, or playful wrestling. 

    4.  The molester may give gifts and start to isolate the child from his siblings, peers, or parents just to have time with the kid alone.  There will be times he will ask the child not to reveal some secrets to anyone especially to parents—probably the gift or some plans to go outside.  Such move sets the stage for making seduction.  

    5.  After winning the trust of the child as well as the parents, the molester is well prepared to go on with his pursuit.  Once again, the molester could be subtle only about this, instead of being forceful or violent.

    6.  He may likely exploit the kid’s innate curiosity on sex, offering himself as an educator, or even suggesting a special play to do together.  The molester may attempt to show the child some adult materials making such attitude to look normal.

    7.  When the molester becomes successful in doing this, he becomes excited to make sure the child won’t tell to anybody about this.  He may employ various tactics such as blame, blackmail, threats, or even a combination of these. 

    8.  The molester may tell to the child: “It’s your own fault.  You did not want me to stop.”  He may continue: “If you report to your parents, they will call a police and put me behind bars.” Or he may also tell: “This is a secret between you and me.  Nobody will believe if you tell about it.”  “If your parents will know it, I will harm them.”  There’s no end actually to the deceitful strategies those molesters will do to the poor child.

    Sexual abuse on child remains one of the greatest damaging and deceptive problems.  Parents need to be protective on their children about molesters.  It must be their top priority to give security to children.  These tips on molester’s pattern on child abuse will give advance warnings for parents.


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