SETI Goes Silent

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Slow economy hits outer space

The universe, it's been said, holds billions of galaxies.
Each of those galaxies holds billions of stars.
An unknown number of planets orbit all those stars out there,
but it's assumed there are billions of those.

That translates to billions upon billions upon billions
of opportunities to find life on another world somewhere,
but only when the economy here on earth is in good shape,
and that's not the case these days.

For the first time since it's inception, SETI,
[Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence]
is shutting down those huge impressive radio dishes
that it calls the Alien Telescope Array.

Space telescopes, like the Hubble, have now discovered
more planets than scientists can keep up with,
but because the University of California at Berkley,
which runs the array, has been hit by state budget cuts,
no one will be listening for other-world signals anymore.

We're sure this will bother some folks down here on earth,
but it might be a different story... elsewhere...

SETI goes silent

News Link - SETI silences telescope array

Spring Fling

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Camel told "No more frat parties for you"

That was basically the result of a frat party called
Spring Fling at the University of Pennsylvania.

The students thought it would be a kick to have
a camel hanging out in the middle of all the beer kegs,
so they went and rented one.
And everything was cool.

Cool, that is, until some university employees noticed
that female party goers were posing with the camel, and
actually smiling while photographs were being taken.

The posing wasn't lascivious, by any means, the pictures
fell more into the garden variety "Hi Mom" category.

Perhaps the impression was that this kind of human/animal
display was too undignified for an institution such as Penn.
Whatever the reason, complaints were filed, forthwith.

The owner of the camel also owns a petting zoo,
and the camel wasn't the only animal rented for the party.
Yet for some reason, it was the camel that sparked the indignation,
so Kahn [the camel's name] and his furry friends
won't be coming back next year.

Seems you'll have to go elsewhere now
[like a petting zoo for example]
to find this kind of debauchery going on.
That is, if you're into that kind of thing.

Not that there's anything wrong with it,
we're just sayin'...

Party Camel

News Link - Camel banned from party going

Happy Easter!

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Time honored traditions...

We hope you enjoy your day
in the true spirit of the season.

Easter Egg Hint