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Philly says "Never mind" to 19,400 fugitives

Not 19 bad guys, or 1900,
but 19,400
have been given a pass by the Philadelphia courts.

With a staggering backlog of 47,000 fugitive warrants
on the books, the city decided that the best way
to lighten the load, was to write nearly half of them off.

The message apparently is
"Your crime wasn't that bad",
so go have a good life.
And you victims out there, all 19,000 of you,
just deal with it, ok?

News Link - 19,400 Fugitive Warrants Cleared

Need Some Cash?

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Work for McDonald's... in Brazil

Here's the story...

A guy spends 12 years as a manager
at his local Mickey D's franchise.
As a manager, he is responsible for quality control,
and feels obligated to sample the days fare.
[key word here being 'sample']

In his 12 years there the guy gains 65 pounds,
and sues McDonald's, because it's their fault.
In addition to his 'sampling' duties,
the guy is also offered free meals.
The court finds this as another count against his employer,
and awards him $17,500 for pain and suffering.

You can sample a burger without eating the whole thing.
You can taste a french fry and know if the batch is good.
And if the sampling is so filling,
do you have to eat the free meals?

We're thinking maybe the guy just likes to eat,
but the judge didn't see it that way.

Cha ching...

News Link - They Made Me Eat Too Much

50 Best Butts In Sports

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Who gets these jobs?

While browsing through a site called The Bleacher Report,
I came across this article - The 50 Best Butts In Sports.

Now babes in bikinis don't have much to do with sports.
We all know it's a marketing tool.
If you want to blame someone, look to Sports Illustrated,
who started this trend with their Swimsuit Issue.

When browsing a sports rag, you expect to see things like
who crunched the quarterback on third and goal,
who hit a 400 ft homer,
or who sinks those 3 pointers time after time.

The big question in my mind, regarding the bikini shots,
is who is it that makes up these lists,
and how do you get on the crew for the photo shoot?

News Link - 50 Best Butts In Sports

To Boldly Go...

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Science Fiction to Science Fact

Ever notice that if you wait long enough,
things you once saw in old sci-fi flicks
are suddenly all around us?

Large flat panel screens on the
bridge of the Starship Enterprise
have become HD TV's.

Small voice communicators
that were activated with a tap
are now that Bluetooth thing in your ear.

The latest is the tractor beam.
How cool was that?
A beam of light that could latch onto
a solid object, and pull it in or drag it along.

Researchers in Australia have actually built
such a contraption, though obviously on a much
smaller scale. Still, the thing works, it's
an actual tractor beam that moves solid particles
through the air with just a beam of light.

Beam me up Scotty...
Warp speed ahead...

News Link - Working Tractor Beam