How to Improve Long Memory for Children

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There are children whose ability to memorize comes naturally. While for others, memorization is a long, difficult procedure.  How to improve long memory for children is just like any other talent. It is a skill that can be developed consistently.  To make it easier, use tricks and tips for helping children and students memorize information.

Learning styles to improve long memory

Until you find the most effective one for your child, continue to experiment which learning style belongs to him. Remember, every child has his own way to improve his learning--one that works best for him.  Discover the primary learning style of your child.  The best way to boost and improve long memory for children is to use one or a combination of the following strategies:

           1.   Visual learners.  They do better and improve well in memorizing information if they have pictures in which they can link the information with.

           2.   Some students may easily acquire long memory through verbal-auditory methods.  They may come from  speaking, reciting, singing, or listening repeatedly to information.

           3.   To help improve long memory for children, there are some students who learn fast through writing down details and information.

           4.   As with the the other children, there are kinesthetic learners.  This means they learn through the use of their body movements and cooperation.  For most of them, movements of hands will activate mental memories. 

For best results, encourage your child to try all these learning styles and then identify which one is the most applicable.  Memorization differs in level and speed depending on the child's receptive ability.  So it takes time to discover the right style, but the benefits of fast learning and memorizing are achievable.    

4 Tips to Boosting Long Memory

The following tips will help improve long memory for children.  Kids and adults alike can use these techniques for the rest of their lives:

1.     More repetitions and practice. 

The act of repeating is the mother of learning.  If your goal is to help improve long memory for children, have them practice and repeat more often.  Repetition is what in the long run makes us commit things to improve long memory. For the adults, they need to hear information at least three times in order not to forget it.  An average child is required to hear it more often. Consequently, it’s significant to include day-to-day drills on key information so that younger kids can hear it through repetitions and practice.

2.     Application of mnemonic devices.  

Most of the adults remember things with the use of acronyms, and this is also useful for children.  To enumerate the 9 planets using “My Very Earnest Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” for “Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto” is a lot easier. Rhyme is another type of mnemonic device.  Example, "Thirty Days Hath September." These are mental aids in helping kids memorize information.  They are time-tested, effective tools to improve long memory for children.

3.      Audio Music helps.  

For learners, I wrote singing as a useful tool to improve kid's ability to memorize.  Similarly, it works well for most high school and college students.  There are songs that possess the ability to assist students to learn subtraction with borrowing.   Use of songs helps to name each type of geographical landforms. Music with pairing words will help kids remember, improve and retrieve information almost immediately.  Some linguistics professors use songs to help their students memorize the key word vocabulary.  The use of music really works to improve long memory for children.

4.     Teach memorization as a skill.  

If your aim is to fully improve long memory for your children, don't only use these tools when studying.  Let them go beyond memorizing.  Let your kids know the importance of memorization and why. When they have memorized something, compliment them to help them remember more.  This is empowering for the kids; it will teach them to use such skill later in life.  It pays to enhance your memory and the children’s. Try the above tips and see how they can improve long memory for your children!


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