Modern Parenting – 4 Tips on How to Balance Love and Discipline on Children

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Parenting is a huge obligation.  Most frequently, it is troubled with apprehensions.  It involves more on emotional aspects starting from fears to difficult anger management.  To balance love and discipline on children is a long-life process and very upsetting.   No matter what the situation, parents are supposed to turn big troubles and chaos into peaceful and loving atmospheres.  Unfortunately,  this technique is not learned in school.

No parenting styles prove to be more provoking, challenging and guilt-laden than to balance love and discipline on children.  If parents are too lenient, the child would simply run all over them. If parents are very strict, they can crash their child's spirit turning into fuming rebellion. There is only one key that helps:  a balanced management depending on the child’s personality.

What it takes to Balance Love and Discipline

1.   See it through the end.  Having virtues is not a default setting in our children.  It is an obligation of the parents to see this thing through.  What should well-adjusted adults look like, and how can they get there? Look for ways to encourage honesty, kindness, and integrity.  It is an involved, intimate process, and there are no shortcuts to balance love and discipline on children.

2.   Set specific ground rules.  Be steady in your reinforcement.  It is the parents’ job to draw the proverbial line in the sand and tell their children, "On this side of the line is disobedience, and on this side is obedience. Don’t cross the line." Write the rules down, if you must, and make certain that your child understands what constitutes disobedience. With younger children, rehearse the rules. Once you know that your children understand the house rules, as well as the consequences for breaking them, it is vital that parents be prepared to carry out the consequences—all the time.  This is to help balance love and discipline.

One mother says, "Our kids do understand that lying won’t be accepted. If they have done wrong and they lie to us, there is a double punishment. It only took a couple of times to test us.  Today, they recognize the high premium we put on honesty.  And I have applied ways to balance my love and discipline for my children.

3.   Make punishment suitable for the offense.There are more tools in a parent's disciplinary toolbox than scolding, yelling, and spankings.  Consequence is a teaching tool. If you forget that fact, you may miss out the teachable moments and opportunities for growth. Many annoyed parents have wondered if their son or daughter suffers from lack of common sense. Frequently, children inevitably do things that parents consider as offensive disobedience.  It is necessary to cherish the kids in an atmosphere that will balance love and discipline on young children. There is a big difference between childish irresponsibility and deliberate disobedience. Part of a parent's job is to tell the difference between the two.

4.   Show love then explain the punishment. In a child's mind, he makes mistake in taking frustration, anger, or disappointment of parents for loss of love.  It is for guidance, correction, and ultimately for his benefits.  Punishment is not just to make him sad. Explain the purpose why there is a punishment.  Let it be known that punishment is designed to balance love and discipline for your child. Embrace and kiss him later. If your support is a sweet thing, your child will treasure it often.

The key to balance love and discipline on children is to understand that both are inseparably related to each other.   As responsible parents, we train and discipline our children out of love.  Parents are like a gardener cultivating the blue ribbon roses.  It is never fun to trim thorny roses, but it is essential to enhance the plant to its full potential. 

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