iPad Apps for Kids: 5 Most Educational iPad Apps

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5 Most Educational iPad Apps for Kids  
The iPad apps for kids are used almost in everything--from watching television to online shopping for house insurance.  Children, including the adults, always find this tablet pretty amazing.  There are a number of iPad apps that are released. They make the iPad gadget one of the best educational devices designed for children’s learning and entertainment.  How can iPad educational apps help your kids? It helps kids to: learn problems on Mathematics, learn letters of the alphabet, learn things on history.  

Learn much more!!The iPad library app is an enormous application to assist kids to pick up a variety of things to learn. It does not matter whether they’re just starting to learn the letters of the alphabet or solving problems in multiplication, there are 5 most wanted iPad apps to share with your little kids:
    1   MathBoard. MathBoard iPad apps help children to develop and improve their skills in Math.  Kids can work through many solving problems varying from easy to difficult levels.  The levels are adjustable so you can customize it based on the ability level of the child. Kids will learn from their mistakes because MathBoard allows children to double check their answers. It has so far the coolest feature imitating what the real life is. The interface of MathBoard is a chalkboard.  Hence, kids can use the iPad as they would on a notebook, paper, or board.  Children will learn the power of iPad as well as the opportunity to hone their Math skills.

    2.   Math Bingo. Math Bingo is another app for Mathematics.  It brings more fun than MathBoard. Math Bingo is a game that’s so entertaining.  At the same time it encourages kids to learn more of Math basic.  It makes players to solve problems on Math to earn bingo bugs.  The bingo bugs are put on the board connecting 5 in one row.  It features games of different types where a kid can use addition, subtraction multiplication, and division.  Other functions serve as back up for many players and scoreboards.  Math Bingo is a game that gives attraction to children and makes them feel not leaving the iPad.

    3.   Oregon Trail.  Classic Oregon Trail game was previously played in basic computer.  Now, the apps have been upgraded and re-envisioned for use in iPad.  Similar to the original version, Oregon Trail makes the success of the user reliant to their own abilities to make smart decisions.  This helps kids in developing mechanisms and weighing consequences.  It provides historical perspective while playing.  It also teaches about early America.  Oregon Trail must be considered by parents to expose their children to both entertainment and learning.   

    4.   ABC Animals.  This app is geared towards basic learning.  There are flashcard where animals’ pictures guide the kids in their learning.  By giving animals their names and by focusing on the letter, kids will improve their phonics.  Children can write them on the flashcards.   The app is very basic therefore this is not applicable to older kids.  ABC Animals will help children learn the basic alphabet.   

    5.   Learn Sight Words.  This app is a Dolch-based word list.  In 1936, it was developed by Dr. Edward Dolch.  The list consists of common and simple words that kids can recognize fast.  Recognizing these sight words encourage them to do practice reading.  The reading keeps them mentally alert.  Learn Sight Words make use of attractive and colorful interface for children to independently use the app.  The purpose is for them to understand and learn new sight words from time to time while using the app.

    The amazing power of iPad apps for kids is unlimited.  By installing these apps and seeking more apps, parents have all the opportunities to stretch out that power.  Consequently, children will learn much while they are being entertained.  With today’s advanced technology there are and will always be lots of apps and tools to emerge.   The iPad tablet is a virtual school classroom for kids experience advanced learning.


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