The Church vs The Strippers

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Who is picketing who here?

Warsaw, Ohio.
Population 900.
Traffic lights, 1.
Churches, 4.

This bucolic little setting is the scene of a
series of protests that have been going on for years.
Seems the pastor of the New Beginnings church doesn't
like the idea of a tiny little bar called The Fox Hole
hiring strippers to entertain its customers.

For four years now, the pastor has urged his flock
to picket outside the bar's parking lot,
and take photographs of the customers going in,
as well as their cars and license plates.

While the effects have been slow in coming,
there apparently has been an effect.
Patrons are fewer, tips are down, and
the girls who grace the stage say enough is enough.

Have they stopped stripping? No.
Been reborn? Not exactly.
What they've done is set up a picket line of their own,
and on any given Sunday, as the faithful approach the church,
they are greeted by bikini clad dancers waving protest signs.

Guess fair is fair, and all that good stuff...

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