More riots - Guess where...

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The National Pastime

Baseball, hot dogs, mom's apple pie...
That's not what we're talking about.
Pick virtually any country in the Middle East,
and holding a riot seems to be the National Pastime.

American flags are burning again, this time in Afghanistan,
because of some idiot preacher in Florida who decided
he had been instructed by God to burn copies of the Koran.

Do those in the Middle East see the guy is an idiot?
Do they consider that his flock, a total of 30 like-minded
dim wits, don't constitute common behavior here in the States?

Any excuse, really, seems to set these fanatics off,
and the logic that they're the minority is growing old.
One dope, in Florida, makes a ridiculous statement,
and thousands, in dozens of countries, take to the streets.

It's not politically correct, but one can't deny the facts.
We're not like them, they're not like us,
and the Stone Age isn't quite over yet.

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