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Political Correctness Disrupts The View

Bill O'Reilly's comments are not always sugar coated,
and some take offense to that.
Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, in particular.

A recent conversation on the TV talk show, The View,
centered around the location of a mosque proposed to
be built near Ground Zero in New York, where the
twin towers of The World Trade Center once stood.

In some quarters, the location is considered a slap
in the face to survivors of those who died there
in the September 11 attacks, and understandably so.
To underscore this point, O'Reilly stated that
"Muslims killed us on 9/11".

Tactful, no. Accurate, yes.
He later amended his statement to "Muslim fanatics",
but not before Whoopi and Behar stormed off the stage amid
a flurry of obscenities uttered by the dainty Ms Goldberg,
and Political Correctness ruled the day once again.

Proponents of the mospue in question, declare it's not an
affront, but meant to be a center of cultural understanding,
but in this cultural divide, the rules only go one way.

To understand America, you have to live in America,
and experience daily life over time.
To understand the Muslim world, the same holds true,
but that's difficult to do, you may be surprised to find out,
because westerners cannot even visit the center of Islam,
let alone live there.

Mecca, the birthplace of Mohammed,
is off limits to those not of the Muslim faith.
The highway into the city actually contains a
bypass to usher non-believers around the holy place.
You can't even drive through to take a peek.

How's that for promoting understanding and good will?

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