To Boldly Go...

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Science Fiction to Science Fact

Ever notice that if you wait long enough,
things you once saw in old sci-fi flicks
are suddenly all around us?

Large flat panel screens on the
bridge of the Starship Enterprise
have become HD TV's.

Small voice communicators
that were activated with a tap
are now that Bluetooth thing in your ear.

The latest is the tractor beam.
How cool was that?
A beam of light that could latch onto
a solid object, and pull it in or drag it along.

Researchers in Australia have actually built
such a contraption, though obviously on a much
smaller scale. Still, the thing works, it's
an actual tractor beam that moves solid particles
through the air with just a beam of light.

Beam me up Scotty...
Warp speed ahead...

News Link - Working Tractor Beam