Lazy Kids: 7 Reasons to Child’s Laziness to Study

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Lazy child to study his lessons.
Is there any solution to child’s laziness to study? How to help him improve his study habits?  Does your child show no interest at all to hold his book, read and study?
Unfortunately, there’s no any cure to improve a child’s laziness to study.  The only possible remedy is learning to discipline the child so that he will start doing things he doesn’t enjoy.   It is good to provide right discipline through consequences.  Give him some sort of negative consequences for all his laziness.  It could be depriving the child of watching TV, playing video games, or using the computer.  You may use this if grades become very low as a result of his laziness to study.

How does child’s laziness to study happen?  What are their valid reasons in showing no interest to study?

1.  Often, a lazy student is not interested to do homework.  There is no desire to learn and re-learn the lessons already presented.  The effective teaching approach requires repetitive procedures to reinforce memory retention.  For an average child or student, repeating materials over and over again is dumb and boring.  As a result, the child just tunes out this method until another new material comes along. 

2.  For the parents, try to investigate whether the student is really bored.  It could be that he really doesn’t understand what’s going on in the first place.  Offer help to read his book and try to discover if materials are just the repetition of the former material.  

3.  Figure out the reason why your child’s laziness to study is happening.  There must be a reason behind his laziness.  You may start probing by asking these questions:

      1.Is understanding the material hard for him?

      2.Doesn’t he know the reason why old material needs reviewing?
      3.Why this educational system not working effectively for him?

4.  Consider also his environment.  Are there lots of distractions around?  Where is the television or computer?   What is he doing while studying?  Is his attention divided into many disturbances while doing his homework?  A child’s laziness to study happens when he lacks concentration.

5.  If your child loves to play games, he might be interested to study when there’s visual stimulation.  RPGs are attractive illustrations that involve rich test contents as well as complicated point system.  A textbook, on the other hand, is a tedious old style approach of reading, writing and learning.  To a modern child of today, this old system may look dumb and will not catch his interest.

6.  The child’s laziness to study may have an existing issue on his learning.  Dyslexia is one of the usual problems among young children and students. This disability shows that the words being read don’t really make sense.  The child does not see nor comprehend the words the way other children do.  Unfortunately, words do not line up properly for them.  You see words and understand them, but for them they don’t.  Check it out with their school.  As much as possible get some evaluations for your child if this issue of child’s laziness to study is connected with Dyslexia.

7.  And finally, search about the things your child is passionate about.  If you suspect your child is extremely visual in his activities, then offer materials that have images, drawings, or illustrations.    If he’s lazy to read his textbooks, the material for him is mind-numbing without those attractive images.

Bear in mind that even the brain of Einstein did not work exactly the way other kids did.  Even Einstein got diagnosed with impaired learning during his childhood stages. Help your kid by making necessary actions based on our tips.  Keep this in mind: if the child gets interested in his schoolwork, he will always be glad to overcome the child’s laziness to study.

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