Tips to Effective and Successful Parenting: 4 Child-Raising Tips

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Effective & successful parenting
Child-raising is undoubtedly the most difficult job and yet the most rewarding career. Effective and successful parenting is a career in which most parents are caught not prepared. 

To improve and upgrade your parenting skills, here are 4 child-raising tips to help parents—and make your children enjoy as well:

1.   Develop the self-esteem of the child.

Your voice tone, gestures, body language, and facial expressions are imitated by your children.  More than this, the actions and words of parents influence the emerging character and self-esteem of the child.

Little praises however, will make them feel proud.  Allowing kids to do things for themselves makes them think they’re capable of pleasing their parents.  In contrast, belittling words or making comparison with other children will make kids feel inadequate. These won’t help a bit to your effective and successful parenting.

Pick your words properly and remain compassionate.  Let them understand that everybody makes a mistake and that you still care for them, despite the regular misbehavior.

2.   Catch them doing good.

Have you paused for a while and think how many negative reactions you have against your child? You may criticize them more often than giving compliments, and this is not effective. How would you feel if your boss will do the same to you, scolding you often and not appreciating your good deeds?

The most effective and successful parenting tip is catching them doing right things:  “That’s a great job! You cleaned your room without being asked.”  These words can do more motivation to the kids than repetitive reprimands.

Create a successful plan to look for things to appreciate your child’s actions daily.  Reward them generously—your hugs, love, and nice words can go far than anything else. Soon you will find your child showing the better behavior.

3.   Discipline and set limits consistently.

Effective and successful parenting includes discipline and setting limits.  The goal of it is to help the children choose the right and acceptable behavior and learn control over their impulses.  They will always test the limits you make, but those limitations are needed to understand responsibilities.

Setting up house rules help the kids know your expectations in developing self-discipline.  Here are some effective and successful rules: no television until assignment is finished, no beating, name-calling, or wounding teasing tolerated. This is the most common mistakes of parents: failure to execute consequences.  Children can’t be disciplined by talking about the rules and close your eyes for the implementation afterwards.

4.   Have time with them.   

Family eating time today is difficult for both parents and children.  But probably, there is nothing kids would like more from parents than their precious time.  Wake up 30 minutes each morning for eating breakfast together.  Or leave the plates in the wash area and take a short walk after dinner.  Kids who receive no attention often misbehave because their action (though seems bad) will be noticed by a busy parent.

Lots of parents consider it effective and successful when they schedule activity time with the kids. Plan to have a special night every weekend.  Just stay together.  Allow your kids to make suggestions about the weekend activity.  Find other ways to reach for your kids—writing a special note in their lunch box, for example.

Do you feel guilty about your child-raising style? Don’t!! If you’re a parent and you have a job, spending quality time may be a problem with you.  However, it’s the little things you say or do that result to your effective and successful parenting.  Acts like making popcorn, window shopping, cleaning the house, or playing cards will create a bond in your relationship.  

Try the above tips and you can make the most effective and successful parenting career in your family.

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