50 Best Butts In Sports

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Who gets these jobs?

While browsing through a site called The Bleacher Report,
I came across this article - The 50 Best Butts In Sports.

Now babes in bikinis don't have much to do with sports.
We all know it's a marketing tool.
If you want to blame someone, look to Sports Illustrated,
who started this trend with their Swimsuit Issue.

When browsing a sports rag, you expect to see things like
who crunched the quarterback on third and goal,
who hit a 400 ft homer,
or who sinks those 3 pointers time after time.

The big question in my mind, regarding the bikini shots,
is who is it that makes up these lists,
and how do you get on the crew for the photo shoot?

News Link - 50 Best Butts In Sports