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Work for McDonald's... in Brazil

Here's the story...

A guy spends 12 years as a manager
at his local Mickey D's franchise.
As a manager, he is responsible for quality control,
and feels obligated to sample the days fare.
[key word here being 'sample']

In his 12 years there the guy gains 65 pounds,
and sues McDonald's, because it's their fault.
In addition to his 'sampling' duties,
the guy is also offered free meals.
The court finds this as another count against his employer,
and awards him $17,500 for pain and suffering.

You can sample a burger without eating the whole thing.
You can taste a french fry and know if the batch is good.
And if the sampling is so filling,
do you have to eat the free meals?

We're thinking maybe the guy just likes to eat,
but the judge didn't see it that way.

Cha ching...

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