Child abuse? So what?

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Pope says pedophiles are normal.

How's that for a Christmas message?
All you kiddies be good,
go to church with mom and dad,
and don't worry about the perv that groped you,
it's just normal.

In his Christmas Address to the faithful in Rome,
Pope Benedict proclaimed that pedophilia hadn't
been considered an absolute evil for some time,
and child porn was now seen as normal by society.

Are you kidding?
What an absolutely idiotic thing to say.

Church officials in the past blamed the liberalism
of the 60's for the onslaught of scandal within their ranks.
Now Benedict argues that at some point in the 70's
"pedophilia was theorised as something fully in
conformity with man and even with children".

So first it was the hippies that put children in harm's way,
then the glare of disco balls in the 70's made it epidemic.

Gimme an I, gimme a D, gimme an I O T !

Never mind... just give me a break...

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