The exclusive 'Face' of Facebook

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Facebook allowed to trademark the word 'Face'

This is where things go a bit too far, we think,
when an entity grows to a point that it gets
too big for it's britches.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted
Facebook the right to apply for a patent
on the word 'Face', and this is after the
burgeoning social network tried to gobble
up the rights to the word 'Book'.

Facebook has already sued an outfit called Teachbook,
and forced a travel site called Placebook
to change its name to TripTrace.
A site called Lamebook, which parodies some
of the comments posted on Facebook,
has also come under the gun,
as well as another site called Faceporn.

Ok, we can see them not wanting to be associated
with porn, but where does one draw the line?
Are we all now to search for a suitable
replacement for the word Face?

Maybe something like Countenance would work...

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