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Idiot Protest Fizzles In The Rain

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church,
from an inkspot of a town in Kansas,
have made it their mission from 'God'
to travel the country and protest at funerals.

Initially it was gay funerals, because they don't like that.
Then they started showing up at military funerals,
ostensibly because of 'Don't ask, Don't tell', but
somewhere along the way the signs shifted from anti-gay,
inferring that all of our dead soldiers were going to Hell.

This weekend they protested the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards,
who was married to Senator John Edwards of North Carolina.

Her crime?

She had adopted a 'Live and let live' attitude toward gay
marriage, and the Westboro Wankers had decided,
without question, that she and her children
should burn in fire forever.

While the protesters, all five of them, three adults
and two children, who were brought along by their parents,
formed their picket line, 1200 normal folks formed a
barrier line, to keep the signs away from the service.

The Westboro believers bounce all over the place
[they're planning a protest here in Philly on December 20]
with no regard for the sentiment of the berieved,
because it's their God given right to do so.

The First Amendment also protects that right.
We call it Free Speech.
That concept was designed to go both ways though,
and we'd like to see a bit more of what is shown below.

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