How to Save Your Marriage & Avoid Divorce for Your Children

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While there may be justified reasons for broken marriage and divorce, still the end result will be the damaged families, especially for children who are too young to experience the tragedy of separation.  

What should you do as couples to avoid your divorce, save your marriage and still fulfill your obligations to children?  For the sake of your kids, don't allow minor disputes to ruin your entire marriage and family. Obviously, before you can become effective parents, first understand how to care of your husband and wife relationship. This good treatment can then be extended to your children.  

In order to avoid divorce, each marriage should be planned to help husbands and wives be prepared. Obviously, the first couple of years are the most crucial stage in marriage. If problems are not solved, you may not avoid having divorce.  While you truly love each other, there are heavy suitcases both of you keep carrying.  The man could be very critical while the woman could be a nagger and yet sensitive.  Other struggles may involve loss of job, death of a child, or relationship involvement of a third party.  And if things get worse it is really hard to save your marriage and avoid divorce.

When all these things start to happen, you think getting married was a big mistake.  After the fights and tears, who would help to make things right? A pastor, family friend, a therapist, or any third party? How would both of you get through with the struggles of having a divorce?

Seek marriage help

Having no divorce problems in your marriage would not mean you don’t need any support.  Be pro-active in getting help to improve relationship. It’s just like an insurance.  So read, discuss, and get new information about successful marriage.  You may take courses for marriage training, attend seminars, listen to counselors—anything you can think about to build up stronger marriage and avoid divorce.

See yourself first

Take time to think about the role you should play as well as your responsibilities.  Understand where your spouse is coming from, then sympathize with his feelings.  To save your marriage avoid pointing your fingers at your partner.  Accepting the truth that you also have faults will help improve the relationship.  You would never realize how you could be loved.  Being conscious about your attitude and how it affects the other person, you then become more caring and less critical.
Build up your marriage partner
If your concern is to meet the needs of your marriage partner, chances are he will do the same to you.  Build up his confidence and he will do the same.  For the wives, what they need is for the husband to care for them, touch, love and cherish them.  Writing short love notes, whispering to their ears, being helpful and thoughtful—all are powerful ways to love wives.  Husbands, on the contrary, are in need of being respected and admired.  Paying attention when they speak, listening to their opinions, agreeing with their decisions—all will fulfill their needs.
Spend quality moments with each other

To avoid divorce and save your marriage, make your honeymoon a ritual habit of couples.  Doing this thing keeps your relationship intact and both of you will receive revenues in return.  Have a dinner together, stroll together, stay close, cuddle the wife, have a walk together—anything that can keep you marriage closer.   Spend time for your interests, and hang out with each other.  Talk with fun about yourselves and don’t attempt to be seriously discussing on something.  Be acquainted again, and be romantically and physically involved.

Choose your marriage struggles
Fights and disrespect are grounds for divorce that's why it's hard to save marriage.  But various problems are normal for married couples.  Hence, make sure you pick your warfare intelligently since there are lots of them.  The significant value is how can you control the challenges and not to end up having divorce.  You and your partner should have the disposition to compromise.  Certainly, there’s no need to fight over the varying opinions you have about marriage. Provide grace and understanding for each other and you'll avoid divorce.
Discuss with fellow successful couples
There are common things husbands and wives always fight about.  So it's empowering to draw strength from other couples also.  It's recommended to interact, get tips and advice on marriage break up and how to cope with it.  Having people to talk to—those in the same boat—will be helpful in getting right ways for your difficult problems.  It helps when you feel there are other couples who want to support your marriage.
Majority of new couples encounter extreme struggles in their marriage.  Everything happening is normal, and most husbands and wives are just going through same problems.  Marriage is not having a competition, who is right and who is wrong.  Marriage is not for divorce either; it's a lifetime commitment.  Accept at times that the decisions and opinions you make could be wrong.  Then be willing to think through your partner’s viewpoint!

What could be more wonderful in accepting responsibilities of parents than to keep their marriage stronger. Your main goal is to save your your children, your marriage and avoid divorce.  Separation is traumatic to you  and to your children.  As couples, you should exercise the right relationship that's free from the risk of divorce.  Only then can you raise happy and successful children in the family.

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