5 Tips to Consider when Using iPad with Young Children

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The passing away of Steve Jobs has left the world of technology a great legacy—using iPad with young children.  He had lots of gadgets, like the iPad, that have become useful tools for teaching kids. Unfortunately, professionals and parents alike don’t know how to maximize the benefits of technology.  They don’t focus on the techniques the way an iPad can be helpful in relating with young children.

Here are the 6 tips to get the most from iPad technological experience:

1.   What are your plans?  Understand why you’re using iPad with young children versus the use of traditional books, building with blocks, drawing or coloring on papers. Is your plan of using iPad to extend activities they already know, or is it for playing and entertainment?  Make sure you know why you plan to hand over an iPad to your young children.

2.   Who are the participants?  Who will use the iPad? Is it for one child or probably a group of young children at the same time?  Consider their age brackets.  What are their degree of development and attention span? Are there unsuitable apps that may affect their development level?  If there are, hide those apps and keep them inaccessible.

3.   What are the limitations?  How long should it take when using iPad with young children?  Is there a required number of hours? Are there settings?  Consider what is recommended to children when using of technology: No more than one to two hours daily.  Limitations also involve viewing of TV and DVD’s.

4.   How to position when using the iPad?  Will you be sitting next to your child, or behind him, or in front so you see each other face to face?  Is it proper to hold iPad up near children’s face or it's better to put it on their lap?  Do you want to take control of its use while young children are working on the iPad? Or would you let the children explore it by themselves?  Make a little study which iPad positioning gives the best outcome.

5.   What are the validity of proofs?  To date, there is no recent research-based proof on the real advantageous effects when using iPad with young children, regardless of their age.  It is still best to use iPad with caution and employ good judgment instead of presuming that this educational tool is beneficial.  On the contrary, there’s no doubt children are now using and benefiting from the many iPad apps.  The new technology will always be useful for young children.

In conclusion, it is generally significant for parents to take their “plan” considerably before entrusting and using iPad with young children.  They should know the iPad’s role in giving education and interactive opportunities for the family and children—far greater than just being entertained.

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