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The best way to teaching kids to enjoy reading is to surround them with many interesting books. Words from books are the bases for fun reading.  Listen to words, speak them out, and watch them.  Most importantly teaching should be linked to their daily living and activities.  A small child can learn rich vocabulary simply by talking words.  Do it while in the supermarket, at home and school, while playing, taking a walk.  Anytime of the day with any activity can be an opportunity to teaching new words to children through reading.

Tips in Teaching a Child to Enjoy Reading

Have a fixed time of teaching and reading every day. You and your child should find a conducive place where reading is comfortable to do.  The book, though it may look thick, can be read from cover to cover if your place is calm and relaxing.  Sooner or later, the child will find it pleasurable  to read more because of undisturbed moments.

Anticipate some struggles while reading.  Occasionally, there are times that teaching and reading are not fun and enjoyable.  Don’t force the kid. Hold until the child begins to show interest.  However, always get prepared for unpredicted conditions like tantrums and stubbornness.   It’s good that you keep some interesting books in your bags, inside the car, everywhere at home, or even outdoors.  You can overcome boring moments if teaching kids to enjoy reading takes place.

Choose the books the child likes to read most.  Obviously you don't enjoy reading books which are not exciting.  So encourage a child what book he likes to read more often.  As adults, you know roughly what are educational, interesting and fun books to learn from. So if a child has a favorite book, let him do the reading again and again.  Don’t be a critic to his choices.  Instead praise the child for showing interests and willingness to read. These are great tips for teaching kids to enjoy reading.  

Ask your child some questions.  While teaching, make the child an active participant in reading; don’t let him just do all the listening.  Give the child some opportunities to show his functioning mind.  Throw questions that may need more than just a “yes” or “no” answer.  “Who do you think will get the reward from the story?” “What will happen to the main character?” “What did you learn from the story?” These are teaching questions that deal with details and explanations, and children are able to do it--surprisingly! 

Link the stories to life’s day-to-day activities.  If the topic you're teaching and reading is about cats, point out the cat animals you find everywhere. Relate those cats to the story you have read. Talk about their characteristics, friendly attitude, including the fur, color, size and a lot more. Ask, “Who do you think is their master?” Then create another interesting cat story.    

Give some rewards when they always read.  Rewards are effective motivators to teaching kids to enjoy reading and accomplish something.  Occasionally, kids are encouraged through reasonable incentives. Later, the child will discover that reading itself is a big reward.  Together you may watch a movie, or buy him additional books, or treat him with his favorite food.  It feels so good when their efforts are appreciated by parents. 

Let the kid enjoy reading.  With all probability, a kid is more likely to enjoy if reading has become his habit.  Teaching kids about books is the key to helping them enjoy reading. There’s no struggle if he naturally grasps a book and proceeds on reading.  Sadly, reading is not natural to all children.  Don’t give up if reading challenges you and the child.  There are tutorial programs designed to help children at different reading levels.  Joining teaching programs can create better confidence.  Most likely, they will be inclined to read more in homes and schools.

Parents now forget the essence of teaching children about reading. Today, there are many kids who become preoccupied with activities that steal their time of learning.  Parents' responsibility is to help their children develop a habit of reading.  This is one of the best gifts they can provide that lasts for a life-time.  So start now while your children are still young. It always pays to teaching children to enjoy reading!


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