Child Abuse: Understanding Types of Child Abuse and How to Avoid Them

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Child abuse is failing or doing something that could result to injury or harm to a child.

An abuser is someone who fails to take care of a child, bodily injures the child, or communicates sexually with the child.
What are the types of child abuse?

  • Emotional 
  • Physical 
  • Neglect
  • Sexual 
Emotional child abuse:
Emotional abuse is the most harmful type of child abuse. Emotional abuse is an action, behavior or failure to do something that upsets the child’s social development or mental health.
This type can come from a verbally simple insult to a severe type of punishment.  This is found together with the other forms of child abuse.
Emotional abuse stays for a longer time.  It has more psychiatric negative effects than sexual or physical abuse. As a result, emotional abuse is practically the same as verbal abuse, mental abuse, or psychological abuse.
Instances for emotional abuse always include fault finding, humiliation, labeling, branding, showing disrespect, or any action that hurts the self-esteem of the child.

Physical child abuse is an act that results to injury done through physical violence. Some bases acts of injury include hitting, burning, pushing, punching, shaking, cigarettes burning, kicking, scalding water, beating or other form of physical hurting.  Some signs showing physical abuse include repetitive injuries, bruises, burns, head injuries, illness, frequent crying, fatigue, bite marks and fear of people.

Neglect is also a common form of child abuse. Most children of today experience more neglect than sexual or physical abuse. Symptoms of neglect are failure to provide the child’s basic needs, physical hunger, and clothes not appropriate to weather.

There are 3 forms of neglect: physical, emotional, and educational neglect.
  • Educational neglect is the inability to supply necessary schooling.
  • Physical neglect is the inability of parents to provide food, clothing, and proper health care.
  • Emotional neglect is the inability to provide unconditional love, emotional needs and psychological care.
Sexual child abuse:
Sexual child abuse is a traumatic experience of children. It involves physical acts between the child and the adult.  Warning signs of sexual abuse include difficulty in sitting or walking, genital pain, extreme hostility, seductiveness, troubles in sleeping or eating, frequent crying, feeling lonely, avoiding interactions with others.

How to prevent child abuse?
  • Discipline the child but do not spank. Avoid disciplining if you are anger or out of control.
  • Guard your child against sexual matters on the net.
  • Be warned when someone displays greater interest in the child.
  • Adults, parents must be caring and loving towards their children.
  • Establishing preventive services such as activities on public education, programs on family support, and seminars on parental education.
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