Technology: Helping Video Game Addicts Overcome Their Addiction

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Video game addicts.
While your children may not seem to be one of the video game addicts, majority of psychologists state that there are some family concerns on the overpowering obsessions children experience when playing video games. 

If your children show proofs as video game addicts, try to follow the suggested corrective measures below.  See how their behavior changes.  If improvement doesn’t happen, then it’s time to confront your children about the issue.  Try outside help by consulting with their teachers, peers, or neighbors.

Here are some of the symptoms of the video game addicts.  Specialists recommend the need of parents’ interventions on the following warning signs:

Video game addicts show difficulties in academic subjects:

1.   Minimized attention span.
2.   Listening skills become poor.
3.   Grades continue to decline.
4.   Unable to concentrate on doing tasks.
5.   Can’t complete assignments or projects.
6.   Can’t think logically.
7.   Can’t follow instructions.
8.   Troubles in understanding information.

Video game addicts show difficulties in the physical aspect:

1.   Eyes get dry and strained.
2.   Headaches.
3.   Dryness of the skin face.
4.   Feeling nervous.
5.   Difficulty in sleeping.
6.   Walking while sleeping, nightmares.
7.   Wrist swelling with pain and numbness.

Video game addicts show some psychological difficulties:

1.   Anti social behavior.
2.   Raised aggressiveness in behavior.
3.  Often feeling frustrated.
4.  Manipulate others (complaining, throwing tantrums).
5.  Withdrawing self from others.
6.  Can’t socialize well.
7.  Always rushing when eating, bathing, or working.
8.  No time to participate on activities formerly enjoyed.

What should parents do to help video game addicts conquer their addiction?

1.   Recognize that all video games are nothing but just “games.” They’re not  very important and they can go away even without any giving extreme effects to children.

2.   Put limitations on the time for kids to play on videos. One to two hours are good enough to satisfy one’s craving for games.

3.   Keep children busy to do other important things like reading, cleaning, joining sports, doing other hobbies and a whole lot more.

4.  Suggest to kids to have connections with their other friends. Video game addicts normally use the player in isolation. Help kids bring back life with peers. Hanging out with real people brings back the real world for them.

Video game addicts are they who have serious problems on playing video games.  The answer is very simple that requires little power compared to completely breaking dependency on certain drugs. Aside from video games, there are more exciting and deeper games to play on instead—the real life games.  So encourage children to start joining and playing the real games now!