Family Meetings: Resolving Family Issues and Conflicts through Family Meetings

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Because there is continual interaction between family members, the complexity of living may seem overwhelming, but a constructive approach of resolving family issues and conflicts is always possible.  Good communication between all members is essential, especially during periods of stress and anger.  No families are completely free of problems.  Even those who seem ideally happy encounter inevitable problems that must be solved.
Although being an effective parent is sometimes hard, we must remember to celebrate the existence of our children and ourselves.  As we explore new ways to help our children feel good about themselves, we are fulfilling a primary goal of parents.  One of the most rewarding jobs in life is raising decent, healthy, and ultimately useful human beings.

A good place to resolving family issues and conflicts is through family meetings.  They are a good place to work on the problems and needs through discussions. 

Obviously, parents set the atmosphere that determines whether meetings will be successful or not in dealing with issues and conflicts. Parents can make their children feel that family meetings are a safe place to share thoughts and feelings without dominating the discussion. 

Consider the following when having family meetings:

1.     Family meetings should not be scheduled more frequently than once a week.

2.     Everyone of the family should look forward to them rather than dread the issues and conflicts.

3.     Plan them for times when no one is likely to be hungry or tired.  Parents sometimes make the mistake of using these sessions solely to air complaints about their children—a sure way to make the children resist attending.

4.     Family meetings should provide time both to reflect on positive aspects of  life and not to mention purely on issues and conflicts.

5.     Planning positive statements about each person can be helpful.  Everyone likes to hear that good behavior does not go unnoticed, and everyone likes to receive a compliment.

6.     In resolving family issues and conflicts, discuss only essential problems and ignore the insignificant family issues.

7.     During family meetings, every member should be encouraged to be a good listener as well as to make constructive contributions.  Even 4 and 5 year-olds can learn to participate in resolving conflicts and issues.

8.     Working together allows family members to see that there is more than one way to solve any particular problem.  If one solution does not work, then everyone involved can help choose another.

9.     Sometimes we take ourselves and each other too seriously.  We must remember to have fun together.  Smiles and laughter can brighten our spirits and reduce tensions.

10.     A sense of humor can help family meetings put things into perspective and lighten emotional load.  During sorrowful times of resolving family issues and conflicts, our families comfort us and we celebrate each other’s victories and accomplishments.

Family can eliminate unwanted habits or change objectionable behavior patterns.  Family meetings teach children to make informed decisions and how to evaluate them.  Children also learn that conflicts can be resolved constructively. Even at the most stressful times, a hug from someone we love can bring a big help.  Affection between members can make it easier to cope with the problems of daily living and family meetings are the best tools in resolving family issues and conflicts.

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