10 Basic Principles of Teaching Children the Lessons of Life

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What is your major responsibility as parents for your children? How will you give them education and the important lessons of life? How will you be able to fulfill it? The basic lessons your children should discover must come from you, the parents.  But how prepared are you to teach your children these lessons?

Here are the guidelines that give tips to parents:

1.     Every child is created with a clear purpose.  Your child is born neither by chance nor probability. All parts of his body are complexly designed making the child unique from other children.  As loving parents, it is your obligation to impart them the purpose and core of their existence.

2.     Every child should learn the many different lessons of life.  Your child is bestowed with the willingness, ability to learn as well as the gift to understand.  From birth to death, your child is already signed up to join formal and informal education.    All days in school and home are opportunities to get exposed to discovering new things.  Both have relevant and irrelevant experiences to learn.  In discerning good from evil, help them apply the importance of filtering.  This is something children should not ignore.

3.     Every child will learn lessons from their mistakes.  Experience teaches lessons not taught in school.  It is always the best teacher ever.  Parents have the responsibility to teach their children to grow through trials, errors and experimentations.  

4.     A failure in life is as important as gaining success.  A genuine success comes from a series of failures and lessons of life.  Help children to accept that it’s okay to fail, but no one should stay in that condition forever.  Encourage them to stand up again, be resilient and move on to next stage of their life.

5.     Every child must learn through repetitive procedure.  Every lesson a child learns is repeated until it is fully learned.  The process comes to your children in various forms.  Teach your children that lessons of life are wisdom gained.  Putting into practice what is learned makes the big difference. 

6.     Lessons of life are life-long courses to learn.  Make it clear to your children that as long as they live, they will keep discovering new things.  Finishing a course doesn’t stop them from learning.  Being away from school won’t mean they have graduated.  Every stage, part, area of their life has lessons to learn.  And growing only stops when the heart ceases from beating.  

7.     Encourage them to live one day at a time.  Help them live each day as if it were last.  No child can be the same in various days and time.  No one is in different locations simultaneously.  What they were a couple of years ago won’t be the same today or tomorrow.  Help them and motivate them to do their best today for tomorrow can’t promise any assurance.

8.     Train them to equip plans for their lives.  Teach your children that all the resources they need are available to fulfil their life plans.  Children are given tools, talents, and skills needed to understand the lessons of life.  Guide them to use these tools to their advantage and also to their fellow men.  Use and explore them but not wastefully.  

9.     Help them understand the three perennial questions about life: Where do children come from, why are children here, and where should they be going?   The answers to these questions are considered the toughest knowledge to be learned.  Such is the ultimate message and lessons of life that each child should strive for.  Parents play a major role in helping their children quest for the right answers.

10.    Train your children to share what they have learned.  Kids will forget most of the experiences they gained.  Because of this, they’ve got no choice but to share the lessons of life to others.  Help them unlearn selfishness by giving out what they have.  Light your child’s candle and keep it burning.  When they learn to share and give, none of their good deeds will be forgotten.

Teaching children education and the lessons of life are the quests for true and meaningful living.  This living should become a reality.  Children are born to learn and should pass all the life’s exams, but of course the rewards are always there waiting for them!


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