3 Helpful Tips How to Cope with Teenage Rebellion

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Teenage rebellion is psychologically recognized as a type of behavior that displaces race, status, and culture.  As part of emerging personality for adulthood life, a teenage life undergoes a stage to develop  an individualized identity.  It’s a condition teens want to prove they’re independent enough in making decisions and be responsible for their own actions.  Teenage life may try out various behaviors, roles, or philosophy. And because of these, they may display the advent of teenage rebellion.

Tips to dealing with teenage rebellion

1.   First, determine the original issue why rebellious teens are showing disorder behavior. Or, is rebellion just part of your teenager’s growing up?  There are conflicts that are normal between parents and teenagers, but this can’t be considered as teenage rebellion.  And there are struggles that openly display symptoms of teenage rebellion.  

Concerned parents—in their attempt to get a quick-fix on teenage rebellion—resolve only the shallow part of the problem.  Oftentimes, they miss targeting the root cause of teenage rebellion.  While some conflicts are considered natural, many situations actually indicate a deeper problem like “defiance” and “lack of respect.”  This state is all about a teenager’s life and not the parents'.  You don’t feel it that way if you always receive the outburst of rebellion. But teens only melt down before parents whom they trust, and this is a confirmed scientific fact.

As a result, it is best to identify the main cause of teenage rebellion.  Parents should know if there is the presence of depression.  Or, is there any option for them to take drugs? Can new friends be blamed on this? Or, is teenage rebellion the only way of searching for what is more important—your love and attention?  These serious conditions require appropriate handling. But undoubtedly, learn to figure out the major cause why there is rebellion.

2.   Next, understand that teenage rebellion is not beneficial.  The crucial thing of teens development task is to work out their role as an individual and to keep living self-sufficiently.  If they do challenge your protocol and push your limits, they’re only doing what they think is existing in the real world.  It’s the world that forces them to do self-made judgments for themselves and others.

Parents have all the opportunities to demonstrate ways to manage the lives of their teenagers and to overcome rebellion.  At the same time they can train them to respect other people and authority.  This, though, is difficult to do if you’re bombarded with warfare.  While it may be an exhausting and extended fight, the combat has a good purpose if properly managed.

Avoid ending up with an overwhelming teenage rebellion every now and then. As you see it, their disobedience makes you even more upset.  So keep reminding yourself that the formula is to prepare them to adulthood stage.  Subsequently, this condition of rebellion becomes more bearable for you.

3.   Lastly, abhor the teenage rebellion  but love your teenager.  Majority of teenagers are craving for their parents’ time and attention, even if your mind is saying different thoughts.  How often do you appreciate the good things they do?  Do you talk about their importance and what they want to share with you?  Are you asking them to join in your activities although most of the time they don’t feel like doing it?  Or is it only the acts of teenage rebellion that you often see? All these things are so critical for a teenage life although they may look unimportant to parents. 

Today’s teenage generation would prefer to be appreciated than to fight.  However, teenage rebellion occurs in order to fight than to be ignored. That is why parents are required to demonstrate genuine love and affection rather than focusing on rebellion. Although it may seem effective to them, over time they will end up creating a big difference in their attitude and behavior.


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