Why Children need Discipline: Understanding the Importance of Discipline

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Any child who has not developed child discipline is lacking the required skill to face challenges and improve relationships.  Why children need discipline is very crucial for their happiness and joy.  It is as important as healthy food, body exercise, and love.   

Kids who are not trained on discipline are considered unhappy.  Unfortunately, it is anger, and resentfulness that will rule their lives.  A child becomes a hostile company to those around him.  Other people cannot make them contented and pleased.  It will be a hard endeavor to get along with others.  So it is very important to set foundations in order to create good behavior on the life of a child.  And the earlier the training, the better the results.

Why is there a need for Discipline?

Unfortunately, not all parents have the willingness to discipline their children.  There are hesitant parents in many families.  The reason is that they want to avoid having struggles with their own kids.  They don’t want their children to get angry with them.  For some who had bad experiences during childhood, they may want a lot easier things for their children.  Therefore, they use stress-free rules and provide their kids with more comfort instead of using positive challenges.  

In reality, discipline is not about opposing with your children.  Neither is it creating battles in your relationship.  It is an effective way of showing right behavior and controlling extreme emotions.  It is not even imposing verbal or physical punishment for doing wrong.  Discipline is about setting limits and taking in consequences for not obeying rules. 

Having been trained to know and do what’s right from wrong, a child will have a sense of discerning positive attitude against negative behavior.  With his own initiative and desire, a child can behave well even without the parents’ instructions.  Children can show good behavior without the parents around them.  As we all know, most children do what parents tell them to do because of fear and punishment.  And this fear is not the purpose of discipline.  

What happens when Children don’t follow Discipline

What exactly children experience if they don’t practice discipline?

1.   There is no self-control.

2.   They disrespect people in authority like their parents.
3.   They think everything they do is a proper behavior.
4.   They become threat to others.
5.   They become self-seeking and they are not a good company to others.
6.   Their social skills are not developed.
7.   They find it hard to forge friendship with others.
8.   Other virtues like generosity, long patience, and empathy are also lacking.
9.   They will show harmful, negative behavior to themselves and others.
10.  Finally, they become very unhappy and find no real meaning of life.


Characteristics of well-disciplined Children

 On the other hand, you will find children who are disciplined if:

1.   They can exercise self-control and self-reliance.

2.   They are responsible to help people in school, home and community.
3.   They show self-confidence. They can express themselves comfortably.
4.   They are loved by parents though they do some mistakes.
5.   They have accountability about the things they do.
6.   They create right choices and decisions not as a result of punishment or fear.
7.   They make others happy and have positive outlook of life.

Love is the key why children need discipline.  Love and discipline must go hand-in-hand. If parents failed to discipline their children, probably the right amount of love is not given priority. Contrary to what others believe, whatever the age of your child is, it is never too late to late to teach them the importance of child discipline. It’s worth all the efforts especially for our kids!