10 Positive Parenting Tips for Successful Family Living

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Unknown to most parents, an effective positive parenting is a skill that needs time to be developed.  It takes long patience and perseverance before you see huge results.  And along the process are practical tips to carry out the parenting job.

Find below what positive parenting tips are helpful in creating successful family living:

Tip #  1.   Raise the value of playing.  For a small kid, playing is a child’s beautiful world.  A play is critical in every aspect of his total development.  Unfortunately, this is what most parents neglect to do.  A play which is an effective form of positive parenting can prevent behavioral problems.  Play tips give a variety of opportunities to learn naturally.  This is so important in shaping a positive relationship between children and parents.  Oftentimes, it feels so good to act like a child again.  It makes children feel more enjoyable when joined with parents.

Tip # 2.   Create house rules and impose them.  No matter what the age of the child is, specific rules are important in effective positive parenting.  Build up some rules to follow with appropriate consequences if children failed to follow.  Make sure parents are the first ones to comply with it to encourage children to do the same.  House rules make your parenting roles much easier.

Tip # 3.   Pay attention to what your child is saying.  Effective positive parenting uses eye to eye contact and tender touch when dealing with children.  In contrast, using high-pitched voice and provoking words are the enemies of positive communication.  Your children, instead of listening to you, will get annoyed and will answer you back with unpleasant response.  Provide precise instructions, not too much talking that will irritate the child.  Don’t also undermine the value of non-verbal message.  Always hold the hands of your kid to comfort him.  A touch and loving embraces make a big difference.

Tip # 4.   Help improve their body and brain.  Healthy foods are the tips for strong resistance.  As parents, model the good positive habits of eating the right food. Prioritize a variety of nutritious foods to avoid being picky eaters or being sickly.  Positive parenting becomes effective if parents can eat happily with them.  Limit the number of hours watching TV or playing electronic games.  Raise your children’s spirits by doing lots of physical activities: exercise, playing, or helping in household chores.  Always give positive support to their efforts, whether or not they excel in school. Give them many opportunities to explore, try and learn new things.

Tip # 5.   Answer them when they ask you questions.  Make it a habit to always ask questions.  When they’ve grown up, it will be easier for them to communicate with you.  Be positive and show honesty and sincerity when answering them, even the most sensitive matters.  Give the precise “word” and don’t lie.  Children get satisfied with a little knowledge that comes from effective positive parenting.  There’s no need to expand your answer.  Being truthful generates mutual trust as well as respect for parents and others.

Tip # 6.   Watch how your child grows and accept his uniqueness.  The true experts in positive parenting are the parents; they know better their child’s distinctiveness more than anyone else.  Whether it’s intellectual, physical, or in behavioral pattern, parents are the most knowledgeable.  Keep in mind to happily accept your child's uniqueness no matter what he or she is. This is the feature of effective positive parenting: Don’t criticize their individuality.  Be supportive enough in enhancing their talents and interests.  Give ample time to connect with them every day.  And never ever compare them with other kids.  It brings no positive results but only destroys their self-worth and develops low self-esteem.

Tip # 7.   Have a happy, regular family togetherness.  To feel that every member belongs to each other, a family should be involved in common activities.  These tips include meal time together, helping one another doing tasks, or simply playing.  Have time together to talk about problems, needs, or achievements to promote a positive and strong relationship.    An effective time to positive parenting is togetherness.

Tip # 8.   Help your child distinguish right from wrong.  It is a gradual, progressive process to develop good character in your child.  Show in actions the right behavior they should mimic, and not just instructing them. Children learn better when their parents are their role models in real actions, not in words.

Tip # 9.   Don’t forget yourself. A lot of parents just focus all their time to the needs of their children.  Sad to say, they neglect their health, forget to eat, and don’t take care of their appearance anymore.  If you’re doing an effective positive parenting, don't forget yourself.  Consider the tips of taking rest, food, sleep and some sorts of fun and recreation.  Parents need to recharge their strength every day.  Being tired and feeling weak make you ineffective.  Be nice to yourself, give it good treatment and you’ll be more capable to complete your job.

Tip # 10.   Above everything else, let them feel your love.  Loving is the most effective positive parenting skill. Without it, all your efforts turn to nothing.  Whether it’s disciplining or teaching, love must be the motivating factor of parents.  Your unconditional love for them will conquer even the most insurmountable condition. Give love first and your goal of effective positive parenting will follow!

Raising a child is a difficult career to do, but not to parents who know the secrets of effective positive parenting. Being responsible for another child’s life is overwhelming but rewarding.  The least thing you do or do not do can have long-life consequences.  If you want to be great parents your child will be proud of, taking the above positive parenting tips could help.  Ignore these tips or you regret later!!


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