Risks in Using Internet and Technology – Watch What Your Kids are Doing Online

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As protective parents, we should teach our children the risks in using the internet.  There are risks in talking to someone they don’t know online.  But how we allow them to sit in front of a computer for long hours not knowing who they are conversing with?  Children can easily be influenced by anyone, anytime.  Their young minds are wide-open for risks in using the internet and technology.

The best place to position a personal computer is an open area—like living room—where every member of the family can find way to view the computer’s monitor.  Parents can make suggestions what sites kids should surf to avoid the risks. Part to track their kid’s online activities is by walking around where the computer is installed.  From time to time it is important to see what the kid is doing. The risks of using internet are almost there to devour our children if parents are not alert.

There are dangers when our children surf the net, send messages, or video chat with some strangers online.  Children can reach the internet risks while researching, exploring, playing games or getting entertained online.  Also, when there’s sharing of important information like address, contact number, birth date, or other personal information, that is how troubles continue.  Parents should not feel unworried that their kids are safe from the internet risks although they are inside their home.

Apprehensive parents have the responsibility to ensure that their kids are protected from the risks of technology while online.  Keep in mid, there are more dangers in using the internet than we can realize it.  It is not an excuse that parents are too busy to allow children to surf by themselves only.

When you doubt what your child’s doing online then make careful surveillance.  There are cases where kids instantly cover the monitor with their body when you see them.  They might have gone to discover the risks in using internet making them feel differently. Probably, they are sending or watching unacceptable messages or videos that are private.  In these circumstances you can have a dialogue with your child.  Explain to them what risks and dangers they can get from the internet and technology.  There are many predators whose only purpose is to find prey in internet and small kids are their main target.

Just like adults, children have things to hide while using the internet.  They maybe venting out to a friend that concerns you.  There are also cases they found someone they don’t know.  It is surprising how strangers can make research online for innocent children to be their victims.  These internet risks need immediate intervening of a parent.  We should have the commitment to protect our children every day until they are finally capable of looking after themselves.

Surfing the internet is thrilling and full of fun for children and parents alike.  We don’t allow our kids to read or watch adult contents on magazines or televisions.  Unluckily, there are lots of them in the internet and they are easily accessible any moment.  These are the risks in using internet and technology.  Kids are prone to go to places they are not supposed to be. For protective measures parents may filter or block those sites suspected as inappropriate.


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