Fast Food: Burgers, Fries, Pizzas Make Overweight Kids

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Today, our society is filled with overweight kids because of the different fast food restaurants that cater both to parents and children.  Food specifically is their nature of business.  As years go by, more and more are launched in the market and children from all sorts of life try to take advantage of what they can offer them.

Fast food restaurants may promote instant food to eat, but how safe are they to promote the healthy lifestyles of your children?  Sad to accept that burgers, pizzas, fries, hotdogs, sodas and other children’s favorites are not healthy foods, although kids may consider them most delicious.

Findings about Overweight

What these restaurants claim is that their products are not the major source of overweight kids.  Whether there is truth to this or none, still the concerned parents are the ones in charge of their children’s health. Consider the  following:
  • A new research shows that children who eat instant-cooked food tend to eat larger amounts of food the whole day.  They become overweight kids because they eat more than what their body needs. 

  • Statistics shows that on a given day, approximately 1/4 of the children in a particular country would eat in these restaurants.  This involves the young boys and girls in every race and cultural group.  It includes all the regions in the nation.

  • In just one whole year, young boys and girls are able to increase their weight to about eight more pounds.  This is because of the high cholesterol contents eaten in fast food restaurants.

  • The sugar, salt, fat contents do attract the children like a magnet.  The tastes are appealing to the kids as well as the appearance and the smell.  They satisfy children's cravings.

  • The great taste is the triggering factor to every child including their adult parents. The small amount they consume will enhance more cravings for indulgence.   It promotes more eating in the afternoon until evening. 

Deprived of Fruit and Vegetables

Since the choice of food does not include enough fibers, the children will not feel full immediately.  Consequently, they tend to eat larger amounts for the rest of the day. Foodstuffs consumed will compromise the children’s diet in general.  Better options like fruit and vegetables are ignored and they play only a small role in children’s overall food nutrition. Depriving your children with the right food will develop obesity and weight-gaining problems.

Pizzas, burgers, fries and other similar food have the highest chances of making overweight kids if eaten beyond control.  Remember, the lifetime health of the kids start at the very young age, so be aware how you, parents, feed them every day.