Father's Day: Coping with Distant Relationship in 6 Ways

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I’m a dad of a seven-year-old daughter and our on-going father-daughter long-distance relationship isn't doing well.  Because of my job, I have been away from my wife and daughter for about six years now.  Although we see each other every month (when I visit them), it seems to me that I have been missing a lot of her growing years.  Time passes by so swiftly that she’s now a big girl.  I don’t want her to fail the experience of having a father, and me for having a daughter.   How will I do it in such a way that it would be like having both of us living in one home?
More often, a father-daughter long-distance relationship is demanding and complicated and to sustain the connection is even more difficult.  But you can build an excellent bonding with your daughter while working from afar. Here are helpful tips to keeping the intimacy working with your daughter.  With the help of her mother or guardian you can begin improving a good relationship with her:
1.   Plan for permanent time where both of you can communicate each day.  Never let any schedule cause to get in the way.  This is where commitment time begins.  

2.   Make the communication cheerfully active.  Pass up any uninteresting moment with your little girl.  Make your time work by discussing about her likes, interests, and hobbies.  Be inspired in your conversation.  Keep in mind that you’re making a quality time with her.   Be certain that each moment is very crucial in improving your relationship.

3.   Learning to express freely your feelings and thoughts are important for the stability of the relationship.  Affirm to your little daughter how much you truly love her. Through expressing your emotion, this ensures a long-running commitment and bonding.  On her part, let her also reciprocally express herself to you.  Both of you can cope up with this distance problems.

4.   Work out for fun and playful dialogues.  Children love to play as well as learn in so many different ways. Give many interesting children stories your daughter likes to hear from you.  Vary your tone of voice by making it unique or you can imitate animal sounds.   It will sound more exciting if you can mimic her favorite cartoon characters. You could go wherever you want to.  This will last for longer hours and before you realize, you're improving a lot in your father and daughter relationship.

5.   Take advantage of the internet to connect with your daughter. The internet is an important tool to bringing together lots of people.  Not only can you speak with her by way of free messaging or email, but you can also do it using services on-line at no cost at all.   A webcam can help you take time to chat with her.

6.   Make a website for both of you.  Today, images, videos clips, easy messaging, making journals, calendar of activities can be quickly uploaded or arranged on-line.   You as her far-away father will find access to her daily activities at home and in school.  On the other hand, your small girl finds updates in your place of work, too.

A progressive father-daughter distant relationship is now made possible in this modern time.  Consequently, any physical detachment is not anymore a big hindrance.  Make use of this present technology to deepen, empower, and strengthen your relationship!