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Who's your buddy... who's your pal...

It took a long time to find Osama Bin Laden,
far too long most would say.
It does complicate things though,
when the guy you're looking for,
is being helped out by one of your 'allies'.

Pakistan, the world now knows, was harboring Bin Laden.
That's a fact, despite on going denials.
These are our buddies, these are our pals,
in the so-called War on Terror.

That's why we spend billions to keep their
country propped up. Basically a bribe to
keep them on 'our' side.

We cut the aid off when they began to play with
nukes, as shown in the chart below, but then we
opened the cash vault again right after 9/11,
and just recently tripled the amount we send.

Pakistan Aid Chart

The payoff for billions upon billions sent their way?
Not only did they hide Bin Laden for years,
they actually arrested the few Pakistanis
who helped us find him.

Local informants who worked with the CIA
in pinpointing Bin Laden's safe house,
have been rounded up, one by one,
in the past few weeks, and are being
held in Pakistani jails.

Call us naive, or ignorant of foreign affairs,
but maybe some of that money
could be used here at home.

Aid to Pakistan

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