Will Tablet PC's, iPads Replace Children's Books?

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Are netbooks, laptops and even children’s textbooks and notebooks going to be obsolete? They're here, the modern tablet PC’s which are fast increasing and getting much better—in quantity and quality.

This present time of tablet PC's marks the higher innovation of technology.  iPads are now turning into a popular icon that gains the interest of parents especially schools in USA.  The reason for tablet PC's is due to some unique features that may probably substitute every recognized information media very soon.

Although it could happen anytime, institutions have some issues to be addressed before the implementation of iPads becomes a reality.  In children’s education and in the school, we should realize the pros and cons of using iPads. Is it really worth it?  Will or can tablet PC's truly replace the traditional books and notebooks of your children, not sparing laptops and netbooks?


1.  iPads possess the ability to load reasonable amount of huge information.  They provide the convenience, portability and easiness device which is virtually similar with a desktop computer.

2.  They may serve as a momentary replacement for various complicated data including student’s books.

3.  iPads resolve the problem of carrying many and heavy textbooks and notebooks.  Students will find it most comfortable in space and weight.

4.  iPads can digitally install multiple books in each school subject.  Children can do intuitive writings.  However, a practical keyboard is most preferred to use.

5.  Tablet PC's are threats to the existing laptops, netbooks, and other devices when it comes to convenient use.  Typing word documents in iPads are done similarly in common laptops.


1.  The hype of tablet PC's is good yet it might be functional for the next generation to come.  If children and schools use them now rather than the books, they may result to unexpected setbacks until the development is completed.

2.  There are issues among parents and institutions. It’s doubtful for many schools to have budgets to purchase an iPad for every student. It takes time to motivate parents to buy for their children an iPad intended only for school’s use.

3.  iPads regarded as “technological education from heaven” are issues among most professionals in the education field.  It is not believed that tablet PC’s will advance the system and quality of education.

4.  Present technology is only a supplement for a better education and not to replace the usual school’s books and notebooks.

5.  Presently, laptops have more advantages when it comes to usefulness and features.  Since iPads have just started recently, they are yet to be completely developed.

In conclusion, iPads could be used as a device to a certain test period at the moment.  Extensive activities are required to anticipate their usefulness.  Ample time is needed to see how effective tablet PC's are to education, teachers, parents and children.  They cannot be for mandatory tools for learning yet.  Freedom of preference is still needed for ipads to be used in educational technology system.

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