Technology: The Dark Side of Internet for the Children

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Parents, guardians, or teachers have the responsibility to educate their children regarding the usefulness of the Internet and technology as well as the threats it may give them.  The young should know how to safeguard themselves because certainly there is a dark side of it.

When using the computer, it is not only school research that they should know about, like a nation’s history and other research topics. Most importantly, children need to be careful on other things involved, such as when chatting and viewing the webcam.  There are strangers who take advantage of the opportunity and wish to meet with them shortly after chatting.  Through the present technology, many innocent are now handed over to the hands of abusers, kidnappers, and killers. 

What the Internet offers to everyone, not excluding a child, is the readily accessible to adult websites.  They abound in explicit adult materials displayed in images, videos clips and other multi-media devices.  

So what should be done in order to cope with these technology threats?

1.   In order to block the possibility of early discovery, parents must discuss with them things that concern about human life.  It may begin with mating, conception, birth to growth.  

2.   They may explain why there's a need to value their human body, life and privacy.  A human body is to be preserved and protected primarily by the child himself.   With enough knowledge, a young child can do it.

3.   They should elaborate the dangers of certain viewable materials that exploit those models resulting to harassment and abuse.  Provide quick explanations about the dangers they are exposed to and how these materials can pollute their young minds.

4.   They can further discuss why parents and adults alone can view them and that why young kids are not allowed.  Protective parents are the ones in authority who can help them get saved from the unlikely problems coming from technology and industry.

5.   Today, parents can now join their offspring while surfing the Internet using their computers and laptops. They can join them in their own rooms while having fun in cyberspace adventures. There are lots of fun that can be shared together by the members of the family.

6.   Furthermore, the most popular social networking websites like Facebook, Tweeter, Myspace can be worked together enjoyably by both parties.  They may send texts, tweets, messages and become companions of their son’s and daughter’s on-line computer savvy. 

Minors undoubtedly are not spared from this global danger brought by the internet. With such fast improving technology, it seems that everything can now be opened and becomes exposed at our fingertips.  In this case, parents should do something to ensure total protection against the dark side of Internet.

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