Seven Issues Toddlers want to Tell their Parents

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Little toddlers may appear strong, but they are really not, they are still weak and  fumble most of the time. They've always wanted to tell many things to their parents but are unable to do so.  This article speaks some of those toddler's secrets.

Find out what are those issues their parents should realize:

1.    I got a very limited attention span.  A toddler who wants to get something on the shelves is not really destructive.  He is just being inquisitive.  It is true, it is fun to see and talk with your friends when you see them in the mall, but your toddlers are not that interested. They would better go off, wander around, test, explore, observe and touch. 

2.    Strangers can make me feel afraid.  Only few children will appreciate being passed from one lap to another lap.  They precisely are not comfortable with this scenario.  They want to know little things first about new people before they will enjoy their company.  Be careful of this:  Avoid forcing toddlers to be entertained by strangers right away.  It takes a little time to adjust and make them feel at ease with those strangers.

3.    I am a small kid, not a trained house pet.  “Come on, sweetie, say ‘Harry Potter.’” “Show Ms. Zander how you sing and dance like Lady Gaga.”  “Now, you mimic Justin Bieber, and sing “Baby,” and it goes on and on.   These and other performance-on demand statements will position your toddler in a rigid condition.  There are children who get excited doing these.  Others hide and shrink away, receiving threat of being scolded.  Never push the young child if he falls in the second group. Put yourself on their shoes.

4.    Avoid comparing me with my fellow toddlers.  Toddlers are individually unique and so are their fellow children.  Some may learn faster than the others.  Others may speak words before they turn one year old.  Others may take longer.  Toddler’s improvements are not for competition.  They exclusively have their own time and abilities to improve.

5.    Not everything you give me makes me happy.  Every child needs a variety of toys, food, clothes, etc.  To anticipate that they like everything you give them is foolishness.  Forcing them to eat certain food they hate the taste will only give way to a more difficult problem.  If they don’t care for a certain toy, choose another one. 

6.    Kindly treat me with love and care.  Toddlers need gentle emotional handling.  Children are sensitive and if they are not treated with love, they will always show tantrums, yelling and stubbornness, even fear.  They won’t even know if they are sick, lonely, tired or not feeling well.  They can’t express the strange thing they feel except when they’re hungry.

7.    Let me act according to my age.  Keep in mind that they are just past babyhood.  They are not able to do what adults do. Parents should guide and not force them to go to the next level.  Ages two, three and four should be enjoyed with great fun. What they want from their father and mother is to play with them and spend quality time.  This is the true meaning of love they understand.
How toddlers grow fast! They don’t remain little kids forever.  Sooner or later they’ll be in kindergarten and preschool.  What only remains in your life as parents are memories of their fun-filled toddler age at home.  Enjoy them fully now while they are with you--all the day, every hour, and every minute!

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