Technology and Internet: DOs and DONTs for Children and Parents

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Our society is a world of progressive technology and internet based activities.  Like adults, children also become part of it.  As parents, we prepare our young kids to enter into a workforce of computers in their daily living.  There are many benefits they can get for this but certainly there are some which are not good.  Find out the DOs and DONTs when using today's technology and internet: 

Top 5 DOs

1.   Make it a quality time.  Parents should be around with the child’s experience.  They should interact with them while exploring with the advanced technology and internet activities.  If you join a child, you share his joys of new understanding and accomplishments. 

2.   Select good software.  Choosing good software gives importance to your child’s age, abilities, interest, likes and dislikes.  This is very necessary for his or her skills development.  There are lots of educational sites to guide your child to optimize learning with the help of technology and internet.

3.   Get computer game activities.  Games should be linked to real-life circumstances and activities.  Motivate children to connect their games to life’s experiences. Games will enrich children with vocabulary in many different fields. They will learn how to analyze logically and become alert in their visual and mental abilities.

4.   Identify various activities showing kid’s interests.  While using technology and internet, help your child build up his talents and skills that will best benefit his over all growth.  You can expose him to drawings, images, paintings, videos, fashion.  Or you can offer options for cooking, working, doing sports—the list actually is never ending. 

5.   Give opportunity to your child to try challenges. There are many activities of discoveries in today’s technology and internet.  Instill a desire to progress continuously in technical matters related to his living.  Maintain an atmosphere of fun and not concentrating on hard studies alone.  Children should be happy enough to handle difficult things but at the same time learn to overcome challenges.  

Top 4 DON'Ts

1.   Computers must not take place the traditional childhood activities.   Modern technology and internet activities involve sitting, watching, texting, and net surfing.  Because of these, significant experiences related to their psychological, physical, and social development are ignored.  They are still kids and they need all good experiences in their growing years.

2.   Daily using computers should not go beyond 1 hour.  Parents should limit the use of computer to 1 hour and allocate suitable time table.  Young children need more various experiences such as playing, touching, embracing, exercising and others.  All of which may not be experienced in the latest technology and internet services.

3.   Below 1-year-old children must not use computers. Their sense of sight is still sensitive and refined.  Toddlers are just starting to develop their motor capabilities.  They need to wait until they reach the right age of one year old.  Only then can they start accepting loads of information about the things around them.   

4.   Don’t scold or punish children.  If they fight because of a computer, parent should avoid being harsh.  The best thing to do is give each of them allotted time.  If they know how to wait for their time, neither will they misbehave nor fight.  They’ll learn the value of patience and sharing.  However, if they’re using the computer, you can help by not disturbing them.  Like adults, they need also concentration while on-line.

Instant access and unlimited information are the benefits of using today’s high technology and internet activities.  Children of this generation are born to explore and enjoy them.  With the proper guidance and continuous assistance, parents can provide many technical experiences to their growing children.     

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