Modern Children: Are They Hard to Discipline Now?

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Is there a discipline guide for children in our present time? Is it really hard to discipline modern children nowadays? How can they be compared to old generations? 

Those who were born during 1990’s have really lived an entirely different world compared to their parents.  Indeed, parents grew up with a TV set and other home-based equipment. But to make a comparison between today’s undersized screen and the older generation of three decades ago, is like matching old mobile phones of 1980’s Dyna TAC Motorola with this day’s innovations.  

In our time now, children learn both visually and mentally without necessarily transmitting the transcribed words to mind picture. This was not the same with what their parents did before. 

Applying the traditional discipline on the children for this generation has, in certain degree, some merits.  However, some original approaches should be changed to fit today’s way of living.  

What Our Time Does to Modern Children

1.   An average child in US spends thirty hours in front of a TV for the whole week.  Imagine how this time of watching influences their thoughts, understanding, and exposure of the world surrounding them.

2.   Another modern aspect that controls their growing years is the non-availability of a parent.  Today, not only fathers go to work even mothers should work to sustain family needs sufficiently.

3.   In day care centers there are terrifying news about the degree of attention given to children. Deficiency of parent’s love and interest result to a young child’s emotional weakness. There are abuses and unfair beatings of unloving strangers.  They develop low self-esteem because they can’t trust their parents to raise them up properly.

4.   Insufficiency and inferiority—a couple of factors to work with between the ages of six to twelve.  It’s the crucial stage where certain talents and skills are developed, both in work and in social life.  Failing to develop the right adulthood transition will result to more complicated life for them.

5.   Because of deprived time and love, children most likely will become irresponsible and immature people upon reaching the stage of adulthood.

How to Cope with the Relationship

It has been and will always be difficult for both parents and teachers to handle such cases. Consequently, teens express rebellion and reactive struggle as their way of ignoring parents.  The stronger pressures we apply, the more they retreat and fight back. If a husband and a wife attempt to impose discipline to modern children of today, parents will need more patience and understanding. 

As a result, it is so prevalent that a variety of unaccepted behaviors in children have developed.  Parents most particularly are in great struggle trying to correct their children’s attitudes virtually every day.  It is tiresome and sickening to cope with this on a daily basis. As parents and educators, we should try to win back their trust and confidence by being true and caring parents.  Jokes and humor dialogues will bring in better output than reprimand or punishment.

It is in re-building relationship that will bring us closer again to our kids and then discipline will be easier and come naturally.  Don’t let this modern time and technology shape their young thoughts and emotions.  Keep the all-time effective discipline for children that shows love, care, understanding and ample time to our growing kids.

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