Parenting : How to Train & Discipline Children in This Modern World

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Children training and discipline is a parenting theme that has been angrily discussed in current years.   A great deal of this reason came from the term 'discipline.’ This displays a portrait of difficult and cruel punishment in the minds of most parents.  Undeniably, the dispute has made many parents of today to choose and accept a parenting approach that is “extremely permissive.”

We all need training and discipline in our lives.  However, parents have to know what is good and bad behavior, and what things to do and not to do.  We also recognize that there are lots of things in life to do, even if we don't want to.

What to Do in Training and Discipline

1.   Truth is none of us is born with self discipline and training.  This is something our kids have to learn early and regularly.  As for the parents, appropriate training and discipline must be something they should know first in order to teach their children.

2.   One lesson parents have to find out is that training and disciplining kids is done individually. Remember also that one parenting style that works for a child does not essentially become suitable with another child.

3.   Parenting styles should help to realize that training and discipline requires a link to a child's degree of understanding. In most part, this is a role of age.  But remember each child develops at different rates.   So it’s crucial that kids' needs are to be taken into consideration.

4.   Any response to bad behavior has to be fitting to the age of children.  Response given in training and discipline should be effective for the individual child. Understand why there is a misbehavior--mostly, kids are in need of missing attention that's why they do it.

5.   Children training and discipline is not all the time acceptable if it only highlights punishments.  For kids this isn’t going to work.  Teaching them a lesson will always go a long way; imposing punishment will scare them.  However the training and discipline lesson parents are teaching them is not well understood. 

6.   If a parent is angry while training and disciplining the child, the kid comprehends not the lesson but the anger.  It's the anger which is very exhausting but not helpful that instilled in the mind of a child.

Applying Logical Consequences

Alternatively, the use of “logical consequences”--proven to be an effective form of training and discipline--won’t require lots of emotional energy on parents. This makes sense to children, too.  Our kids don't need punishment but unconditional love. What punishment, in any form, cannot do to the kids, love will always do.  Try to link discipline and training to a logical or natural flow.  Thus, it enables parents to choose the most suitable type of children training and discipline.  

Learn this, parents: Our kids are given to us for protection and love.  Along this is the parenting responsibility to raise them the right way.  It 's our role to figure out the best parenting approach to apply.  It starts with loving them unconditionally. The training and discipline you give should always involve in loving and not hurting. No matter what, they deserve to be loved and respected like adults. This is what parents are called for.

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