Children Parents Relationship -- Tips to Making Kids Feel Special

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Will your children suffer because they have a busy working mom? Will children be deprived of time and love? Is children-parents relationship one of the big family issues now? 

Many successful and happy people have been brought up by career moms. So having a busy mom is not a guarantee that children will be left unattended. What they do and don’t do will depend on the outcome of the children and parents relationship.  Parents should understand if a busy career becomes a stepping stone or a stumbling block that obstructs children parents relationship.

There’s no truth to say that children whose mom works are more deprived than those whose mom is inside the home.  Often, stay-at-home mothers are busy like anyone in this world.  If they feel guilty and worried that their children are deprived, most likely the children will feel the same.

No matter how hard it is to improve children and parent relationship, offer opportunities to progress and learn. Highlight on those opportunities to make the best of your present opportunities then make kids feel they’re special: 

Keys to Expressing Busy Mom’s Love

1.   Express your love through hugging and kissing.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to show your love.  No matter how hectic your schedules are, there is always time for this 4-second kisses and hugs.  Make it a significant kiss and tight embrace to both lift your spirits and improve your children parents relationship. 

2.   A hug and a kiss could be the most powerful action to stop bad behaviors.  Try this next time you feel exhausted or your kid’s whining.  Do this in the morning, when you go back home, a number of times in the evening, a warmer and longer one just before bed.  In children and parents relationship these are most needed.

Schedule Weekly Family Togetherness & Meeting 

1.   Thirty minutes each week is a little relationship time investment yet with huge payoffs.  Children feel they’re special when parents listen to them and when their ideas and suggestions are recognized.  This is the instant payoff.   

2.   The other payoff is that children and parents can resolve many day-to-day troubles and family issues during the meeting. Your children can help do morning and bedtime routines and show up creative manners of managing chores.  Modern children are much more willing to implement on plans they have helped create.

3.   The long-term payoff is that kids are trained for life and communication skills including problem solving skills. It takes less time to schedule weekly family meetings from which kids learn to assist and work out on relationships and problems.  On the contrary, it may create family issues when lecture, nag, and reprimand are given focus.

Ask for Children’s Help

Today, children and parents relationship is very crucial. What kids want is to feel needed by their parents.   It is much different when you ask for help in a nice way rather than reprimanding or lecturing. "I would be thankful for anything you can do to clean up the room before going to bed" is more effective than saying, "How many times did I tell you not to scatter all your stuff?" Kids feel good when they can help in their parent’s multi-tasking jobs. They don't feel special when they are being scolded and put down.

Give Short Special Notes

Write a 2-minute note for your child's pillow, lunch bag, or mirror.  One very busy mom made a decision to place a note inside the lunch bag of her daughter daily for one year.  While aboard on a plane, she would take time to write few notes such as “Every day, I think of you, I wish I were with you, I love you, Sweetie." She would give the notes to childcare person to put it in the lunch bag every day.  Her daughter felt incredibly special.

Being busy because of multi-tasking jobs should not be one of the family issues. Helping kids feel special is a matter of being creative in your children parents relationship.  It must involve a creative habit but not lack of time in relationship.  The benefits of doing it regularly is to ensure that your children feel they're very special!   

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