How Technology and Internet Separate Parents from Children?

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 Do you wonder how technology and internet is separating parents from their children? Is it becoming more difficult to turn off your life from this present condition in favor of your kids and family life?    

Nowadays, almost everybody is totally linked with technology and internet and parents can’t almost switch off their gadgets.  They reach for an iPhone or BlackBerry first thing in the morning and the final thing in the evening, and countless times during the day.  Parents visit their Facebook page to see more updates and they become gradually changing their lifestyles to social networking.

We get involved so much in technology and internet without realizing how much we may ignore our little children.  But our kids observe our actions all the time.   Our children can view our reliance on the internet, mobile phones and other new gadgets.  It is evident how many people are becoming more distant because of the present technology and internet doings.  Worse, our effective and natural communication has diminished.

No wonder why younger kids and tweens are emailing and texting just like professionals; technology and internet has made these things possible.  Parents trained them to do it.  We trained them the value of these communication gadgets: how to use a mobile phone, text, email, use on-line.  All these things can’t just be taken for granted.
How surprising it is to realize that most parents now have lost the capability to literally connect with their children.  Parents pass the buck by saying it’s the kid’s mistakes.  With these technology and internet, kids are the ones whose ears are plugged with ear buds and eyes fixed on computer monitors.  But like virtually all things they do, they got trained into these habits from the parents.  Kids' lack of communication comes from a parent’s missing communication which is diverted to technology and internet activities.

It is perceived that parents have not indeed lost the desire to connect, train and love their kids.  It is actually not knowing how to make links to bond with their modern children.  Unfortunately, our fast increasing technology and internet activities have made a disconnected communication between parents and their kids.

What better tips to re-open the communication lines between parents and kids than to go back to the old traditional family quality time bonding.  Probably the most important guidelines for disconnected parents is to begin smiling, hugging, conversing with your children.  This could be done by prioritizing your kids' needs and putting aside technology, internet, gadgets, and computer.  These may not be enough for your children but at least kids will realize parents give them more importance than their inbox and phone calls.

No one can deny it, it’s already the technology and internet world that make people driven.  Parents and children within a family are involved to this phenomenon.  However, there are still things which the internet and technology cannot do nor replace: it is the natural way of communicating with children with parents embracing, touching, and kissing them.

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