Why Parents Have Different Parenting Styles?

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Having effective parenting styles is very important in a family. This is the way in which a little child will be shaped and formed in his formative years. It extends to childhood, teenage up to maturity stage. Having a wrong parenting style will raise your child in a wrong way and it’s too hard to correct them once they’ve grown up.

Most of the problems arise only when parents themselves apply different parenting styles. What could be the major reasons? Answers may come from different factors: personality, culture, size of the family, location, background of parents, educational level, religion, and socioeconomic status.

 Within a family, different parenting styles would bring mess in the relationship. If a mother and a father quarrel, the pitiful losers are always the children. Without any intensions, parents feed their kids with much confusions and tensions.

Say for instance, the father may show an authoritative parenting style while the mother is in favor of the permissive style. A husband may be strict and the wife may be relaxed. One of them could be colder and the other very affectionate. What happens to the children? They get scolded and punished by either one of the parents. The mistake does not even come from the kids but from the parents.   

Different Parenting Styles – what parents can do   

1.   Agree with the right parenting style both of you should apply to the child. If you can’t agree well, then combine some of the factors applicable for a specific approach.

2.   Choose a parenting style that will promote great help and benefits to your kids. Your style should result to a joyful, confident, and successful life of your offspring.

3.   Parents must discuss it well and agree on certain rules. A father and a mother must support each other and avoid competing. Never have a dispute declaring that a wife’s parenting style is better than the husband’s.

4.    Although working together could be conflicting between parents, both should strive hard to attain the common goal of effective parenting. It is crucial not to challenge or demoralize the other partner.

5.   Avoid having arguments in front of the child should troubles arise. Keep this in mind: your agreed parenting style is a progressive stage. Discussing any concerns when the child is not around is more helpful.

6.   Explain to the child about the implementation. Children are very receptive to information and instructions that are easy to understand.

7.   Make it simple and educational. Explain that you’re doing this to help them grow into better individuals.

Different parenting styles and approaches are acquired on the parents’ past experiences. For successful results, it’s crucial that both parents should know how to cooperate with each other. Any varying factors that bring clouds should be dealt with. Parents are the first ones to harmonize with each other to come up with a viable parenting style. Improving your parenting style is a sure way to a happy, fulfilling family relationship.

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