Transformers Toys : Boosting Kid’s Mind’s Eye & Creativity

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Why have Transformer toys become very popular now, to the kids and adults alike?  And how have they gained their popularity?  Obviously, when you go around the city there are robot toys you can see everywhere.  They gained their popularity from a movie, technology, TV show, or a comic.

If you try to search which is the year’s most admired children’s toys, certainly it would be Transformers.  Their attractiveness became sky rocketed in 1980’s when they’re initially launched in public.  They diminished in fame after that, but gained it back in 2007.  The high technology “Transformers: The Movie” was released in that year and now the latest “Transformers 3 Free: Dark of the Moon” for this year.

More than Just Robots

1.   Transformers are more than just toys.  One of the main reasons for its abrupt popularity is that a boy or an adult can do much for it.   These toys make a body transformation.  It has a variety of functions: it may transform into a robot and a car for adventure or maybe both.  Most parts are movable and could be interconnected resulting into multi-functional amazing toys. The shoulders and head are highly designed for action figures.  It is made for real fun-assembling toys for playing.

2.   For your children Transformer toys can be a channel to fuel their creativity and imagination.  They are a product of the present technology.  They are educational in the sense that they promote mental thinking ability. Your kids can spend longer hours experimenting and transforming them.  They can make battles between the bad Deceptions and the good Autobots.  Kids can play the adventure scenes.

3.   Transformer toys will take time for young boys to think logically and exercise concentration.  This is similar in school where they use their minds in solving math problems.  They improve highly their cognitive skills.  They work well when playing in a group or just by themselves.

4.   Another thing about Transformers is that they serve as beginning stones for non-boring lessons. They are good stimulants for kids who find learning as a tedious activity.  With today's technology, Transformers serve as toys and teaching devices as well. They encourage analyzing, solving and preparing for actions and solutions. It’s much like a complex puzzle that you have to connect parts together to form a representation. This is what the present technology provides children.

So do you have kids who yell, fight, and show tantrums?  This could be helpful.  Why not give them a seat and let their minds begin to expand with their favorite Transformer toys.

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