Children Discipline: Why Toddlers Misbehave and What Should Parents Know

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Your toddlers may misbehave; they don’t want to get dressed.  They show defiance every time you ask them to do something. Well, to bring up disciplined children is not about forcing them to do things.  Neither is it about spoiling and giving in to your toddlers.   

Correct children discipline is all about a child learning to respect parents.  They should be more than willing to cooperate and behave well.  But what should parents do in these situations?

First, let's get into the experimental psychology of little toddlers.  How can struggling parents help divert their toddler’s annoying behaviour from defiance to peaceful family relationship.  This way parents can understand better why most toddlers misbehave.

Take note of this: To help little toddlers not misbehave, understand the world around them.  They should learn to test boundaries and limits.  At this stage they are just learning to walk and move progressively.  This is the reason why they are called ‘toddlers’—they are toddling around in the world. They are just initially learning the stage on how to step and stand on their feet.

Toddlers will always misbehave for sure. They will test what are the limits and boundaries.  The moment they know the limits, they will feel comfortable within their boundary.  They can still carry on exploring but they feel more protected within these safe measures.

Now, these are the reasons why it is unhealthy for parents either to be pliable or rigid.  On the process of reinforcing the rules, the limits and boundaries, be sure that you’re giving your toddlers ways to grow up as happy children.

When Do Toddlers Misbehave?

Parents, try to understand it that when toddlers misbehave, their behaviour is healthy and normal for their age.  If toddlers misbehave, there is a general indication that 1 out of these 3 things is taking place:

First, toddlers are in need of something - perhaps they are stressed or experiencing some disconnections from parents.  Probably, they’re feeling hungry, want to pee, or they are faced with too much stimulation and they cannot relax enough.

Second, toddlers are feeling stressed or anxious - when they are tense or stressed, they cannot think and relate properly.   Since part of children’s nervous systems are strained and stress hormones are activated, toddlers do act out compulsively and almost beyond their control.

Third, toddlers just don’t know they’re doing it - perhaps they don't know the reason why there’s a need to get dressed.  Parents can explain them in the simplest way how to do it.  Let them understand that toddlers should not misbehave.  Their little understanding helps a lot.

It is very hard to think, but toddlers misbehave not because they’re trying to be bad.  Toddlers are just doing the best they can with their limited skills.  Regardless of the reason, even the sweetest of toddlers misbehave badly at certain level.  But eventually they will outgrow this stage.

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