Facing and Coping with Family Issues

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 No formal training is required for parenthood and coping with family issues.  The only absolute pre-requisite is physical maturation, which does not ensure emotional or intellectual readiness for parenthood.  Many parents feel truly shocked when they first realized the commitment involved in raising children.

Newly married couples face the task of integrating the differing roles and habits carried over from their families.  They need to create a mutually acceptable environment for their own home.  They need to look at their upbringings and decide which features of them they want to recreate for their children.

Coping with Many Family Issues

Through trial and error, we discover how to deal most effectively with our children at various ages and stages.  As soon as we feel even slightly competent with one phase, our children seem to leap into an entirely different phase.  The trial-and-error process quickly begins again.

Couples may have long discussions about what their family life with children is going to be like.   While it is impossible to anticipate all of the various problems that the give-and-take of family life creates, the lives of the parents cover the common family issues that normally happen to a family.

Common Factors that Cause Family Issues

If family issues start to trouble the relationship, work together on a plan of reducing conflicts. Here are some common factors triggering family issues:

      1.   The reality—as opposed to the dreams and plans—depends on many factors, including each child’s personality, the influence of relatives and friends, and the parents’ relationship with each other. 

          2.     Much stresses such as financial problems will dramatically cause family issues and affect life and relationship. 
      3.    The birth of an additional child who has a unique personality.  The situation adds to the complexity of family  issues and family relationships.  
       4.    All within the same day, both parents and kids can display hostility, hatred, resentment for each other causing much troubling family issues.

      5.   Consequently, moving from theory into practice is often more complicated than anyone could have anticipated.

There’s nothing wrong with the feelings of conflicting emotions about the people who are most important to us--our spouse and children.  When we, parents, accept the existence of this wide range of family issues, we then can accept it in those we love.  Be wise enough to handle family issues as they will help improve or destroy the relationships.