Parents Substitute -- Are iPad, Technology and Internet Good for Parenting Substitutes?

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Technology, Internet and today’s iPad have major impacts on the way our children grow up—in ways parents have never experienced before.  But isn’t this the same arguments our parents made when they thought that too much TV was bad for us? Today, more parents are saying that they don’t find any problems about technology or having an iPad.  It is rather more useful for their kids.  But how trustworthy are they to substitute genuine parenting?

A colleague says he loves his iPad, not only for his work, but also for his young children who can spend hours having fun.  The first thing his kids would ask him when he comes home is whether they can play with it.

When asked if it might be too early to let kids play with this gadget, this colleague says his iPad offers unlimited games and educational apps to boost their creativity. 

Parent’s iPad Concerns and Participation

Many parents are concerned about the impact ipad, technology and Internet have on their children. Many ban their kids from using an iPad while others impose strict controls on when and how long their children can use it.

The question is whether the arrival of this smart iPad is really good or not for children during the years they critically develop their personality.  Other parents are quite liberal because they see that technology now is very important for kids.   The earlier age their children get used to using an iPad, the higher the benefits.

However, potential exposure to unfiltered information and anti-social behavior are impacts not recognized or understood by some parents.  They need to be spelled out to determine whether an iPad is good enough or not yet suitable for children’s upbringing.

Services Technology and Internet have on Children

1.   The Internet has encouraged the young generation to be far more expressive than their elders, who grew up with speech and thoughts rigidly controlled by the state. This is true in other countries where freedom of speech is guaranteed.

2.   The Internet allows young children to learn about people in other parts of the world.  This is a privilege that in the past was reserved to wealthy kids. Traveling makes a wise person—this applies to virtual travelers now afforded to most everyone via Internet. 

3.   The Internet allows young children to learn different cultures, backgrounds and the opportunity to create interactions. Many people acquire values like tolerance and respect of others.  Those parents and children who approach this with open-minds will further discover not only about the world but often about themselves and other people.

The Internet, smart tablet and other gadgets are only some that influence children’s character much like when they acquire values from school, the environment, and homes.

There is no accurate way of saying that iPad, technology and Internet are not suitable for your growing children.  Ultimately, it depends on parents who supervise them. But one thing for sure, these are no real substitutes for a good parenting.  You can’t touch, hug, kiss and get genuine, personal interactions with technology.  Bed time stories are still best told by mom or dad, even if with the help of an iPad, technology and Internet.

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