Stressful Family? Learn the Keys to Successful Parenting on Children (Part 1)

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The adulthood condition of a person is mainly influenced by how he or she was raised by the parents. To be successful in parenting children is hard to achieve.  This is true when bad experiences happened during the person’s childhood stages onwards. When parents have failed in giving positive attention and  nurturing ambiance, their children would seek acceptance and love from someone else—mostly from their peers.

There are backgrounds why parents have turned hostile to their kids.  Here are the possibilities. 

     1.   A child didn’t receive sufficient love and attention.
     2.   A child didn’t get positive encouragement from parents.  
     3.   A child was treated cruelly through anger and punishment.

However, with the help of today’s technology there are a variety of ways to overcome this problem.  If you want to be successful in parenting your children and help them avoid what you went through then read on. 

Helpful tips to Successful Parenting

1.   Provide positive attention and unconditional love – Successful parenting on children is loving them just as they are, not because they excel in school, sports, or show talents, but just for being what they are.  Parents should give their children attention, communicate more, show a hug and take time to listen. Enjoy doing activities with them.  Do things together—whether it's house chores or fun activities.  Kids love to seek their parents' attention and approval, whether through positive or negative behavior. If you have successful parenting on children it creates a stronger bond with your kids and they will always sink towards this bond.

2.   Make constructive approach - As kids grow, they need parents’ affirmations on what they’re doing.  This results to acceptable behaviors or habits.  Having successful parenting praises good works and achievements.  For the kids it means so much and it builds self-confidence. Support their interests and encourage them in what skills they excel.  On the other hand, if they do you wrong, don’t just scold them.  Let them know the reason why.  If parents should reprimand, do it as calm as possible and in private.  Embarrassment, especially in front of others, results to resentment and low self-worth.  The start of hostile behaviors is when parents have not been successful in parenting their children while growing up.

3.   Train your kids to be responsible - Even little kids have to learn responsibilities: picking up toys, folding laundry, doing homework, and sharing house chores.  Parents can teach them responsibility and it serves as bonding as well.  Learning responsibility is showing that kids may get rewarded for a good behavior.  Their little way of helping others pays off.  They provide motivation and empowerment.

4.   Successful parenting on children is learning to say, “I’m sorry” – Being parents and adults we are not acting right at all times.  Occasionally, an impulsive burst of anger, or a false accusation, makes kids feel rejected.  It is humility to learn to apologize to them.   At the same time, this also teaches them to be humble and do the same when they do wrong.

As parents, you only get one shot at raising your own children.  The time they have grown up wrong, kids become difficult to discipline. The greatest gift we can provide our kids is bringing them up with the right character, values, and attitude. A successful parenting you have on your children is a treasure they can also pass on to coming generations!

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