Common Mistakes when Parents Teach: Not Knowing the Learning Styles of their Children

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Are there really children who are slow learners and fast learners?  Why some of them learn better and even faster than others?  Is our modern education more complicated now that children find it more difficult and boring?  You may think that your kids are hard to teach but it may also be that you are missing the right study approach and style?

In reality, no magical tools are needed to be able to develop good study habits. Unfortunately, only few children are trained the easy way of learning. So, not all can learn and study the same way that applies to others.

Study pressure on children is something parents do for the good of the child but they may not realize the harmful effects they have on kids. 

Discover your Child’s Learning Styles

While some children require absolute silence to review and study, other kids study better in an environment with bouncing ideas. Others may learn fast by listening or by reading. Depending on the child’s ability to learn, his study skills should be developed based on his own learning style.

Learning should be fun and not a burdened routine for kids—that’s the secret.  The largest mistake parents do is to force their children to learn fast.  Without knowing it, parents may be applying learning approach which is opposite to the child’s learning style.  When parents use this, it would be a waste of much time, effort and energy.  Worse, the child may only learn less.  On the other hand, using the appropriate learning style will shorten the hours of study but with great output. This is the big difference. 

Parents, be advised that you can do it easy on yourself. Ask this simple question: Is my child’s learning style:

1.     auditory – learn by hearing, asking, discussing

2.     visual – learn by seeing, reading, watching

3.     kinesthetic – learn by hands-on 

After discovering this, then develop it and the learning process would be a lot easier for both of you.

I Don’t Know the Learning Style of my Child

What if parents don’t know what type of learning style their kids fall into? Well, recall all those teaching nights you’ve spent together in their academic homework. Sure, there were ways that have been easier for you while reviewing and teaching assignment and projects. That is their learning style. Gradually help them improve those study skills tailored to their unique style of learning.

What children need for today’s education are strong study skills to attain success in school.  It wouldn’t be sufficient to simply sit in a classroom and then expect to absorb all the lessons.  Parents should help children discover their unique learning style.  The secret here is that the earlier they develop this learning style, the better their possibility of academic success.

If parents can only be aware of this, what a wonderful study life it would be—for children and parents.  Kids will get higher grades and may even excel in their academic subjects. Go and try these tips the next time you teach your children.